Fully integrated into the infotainment it allows you to operate more functions

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show just kicked off and Lamborghini came to Las Vegas to show off new tech for the Huracan Evo. On top of releasing an updated rear-wheel drive version to replace the old LP 580-2, Lambo added Amazon Alexa to the supercar’s list of features. This is big news as it’s Alexa’s first venture into the supercar market. Also, Lamborghini programmed the voice assistant directly into the infotainment system rather than adding it as a third-party app.

Seamless integration into the infotainment system

You can use Alexa to control a wide range of functions in the car, but you can also program functions in your home

By programming it into the native infotainment system, Lamborghini said it achieved seamless integration and extended functionality. This means that it you can use Alexa to control a wide range of function in the car, but also program functions in your home. Assuming that you’ve connected your house to Alexa, that is.

So what features can you control with a fully integrated Amazon Alexa system? You can ask it to turn on the heated seats if you’re cold or ask it to start the A/C if you’re too hot. You can also control interior lighting, get directions from the navigation system, and check the weather. Of course, the main advantage of having the ability to control all these features using voice commands is that you no longer have to reach out to the center stack to press buttons or use the display.

Lamborghini adds Amazon Alexa to Huracan Evo at CES
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The Huracan Evo is the first Lamborghini to feature Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa will also connect to other devices that are connected to the vehicle, so you can control smartphones and tablets too. Another cool thing is that you can control functions in your home, while in the car, no matter how far. It’s evening, you’re out, and want to turn on the porch lights? You can do that from the car. You can also adjust the temperature in your home for when you get back. You can also make a dramatic entry by programming The Imperial March from Star Wars to start as you drive your Huracan Evo into the driveway.

The Huracan Evo is the first Lamborghini to feature Amazon Alexa, but it’s not the first car with this technology. Brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, and Mini also offer it across the lineup, while Ford includes it on select models.

More innovative features to come

Lamborghini adds Amazon Alexa to Huracan Evo at CES
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Lamborghini says that the integration of Amazon Alexa into the Huracan’s infotainment system is just "the first step in a strategic collaboration" with Amazon. The Italian firm sas that "both companies are working to develop further connectivity innovations and integration with Amazon Web Services," but didn’t release specific information. It’s safe to say that the collaboration could result in a series of exclusive features from Lamborghini, but we can also expect Amazon Alexa to be offered in the Aventador and Urus really soon.

A new rear-wheel-drive Huracan Evo

2019 Lamborghini Huracan Evo
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Right before it introduced Amazon Alexa at CES, Lamborghini launched a new rear-wheel drive version of the Huracan Evo. Called the Evo RWD, it’s essentially a facelift to the LP 580-2. Featuring all the revisions applied to the all-wheel drive Huracan Evo, it features a slightly detuned V-10 engine rated at 602 horsepower (versus 631 horses from the regular model) and a special color called Giallo Belenus with matching leather and microsuede trim.

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