All of the Gran Turismo fans out there are familiar with the game’s producers difficulty establishing the licensing rights to use some of the more exotic sports cars in the Real Driving Simulator. Almost every GT5 enthusiast was thrilled after finding out that the latest version of the video game would feature the Italian super car builder Ferrari for the first time.

We now have some more good news, and that is the other exotic Italian automakers Lamborghini and Bugatti will be featured in Gran Turismo PSP and, presumably in Gran Turismo 5 for the Sony PS3 gaming console as well.

The announcement was made by Sony and Polyphony Digital, the games creators, in a special preorder promotion for the hand held GT for PSP. The electronic conglomerate promised that aside from what we already know, that the portable version of the best racing game of all time will give you playable access to cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, GTbyCitroen, Nissan GTR V-Spec and the almighty 1974Lamborghini Countach LP400.


Source: GT Planet

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