If you drive a Lamborghini and you want a watch to match with it, the AV-L001 (Adriano Valente) is the perfect offer for you. The watch will be priced at $35,100 and will be limited to only 66 units a year. The new timepiece is 100% Swiss made and will be the world’s first watch in the world designed to match a car brand a model and not the opposite. Also it will be the only watch in the world to be offered in any existing car color.

The Lamborghini AV-L001 is the world’s first molded watch made of Karbonyte (C-Ti compound) or machined in AlTiCar (Aluminum-Titanium-Carbon) an features a ENGINE-001 movement, comes with 42H power reserve sectorized on 116 degrees, instant jump over-sized date. The watch also gets a "Closed" bottom in brushed aluminum and an "Open" button with sapphire glass, brushed aluminum, natural grey. Also every customer will receive a custom chassis number engraved and color coded.

The watch will be available in: Ithaka Green, Edonis Yellow, Monocérus White, Pegasus Black, Borealis Orange and Vulkan Red.


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  (831) posted on 10.12.2011

That must be a very expensive watch.. I bet car enthusiast specially the Lamborghini fan would be the first one to buy those very limited edition watch..

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