Turning the Raging Bull up to 11

Get ready to bring the noise with full-throated Italian V-12 fury, because it looks like Lambo has something special brewing. That’s because the black and white camo’d test mule you see here is most likely a new top-trim Aventador dubbed the SV Jota, with hotness dripping from every winglet and crease.

The SV Jota name is plucked from Lambo’s past, specifically a limited-run edition of the Miura, which offered up racing-inspired modifications like weight reduction, stiffer suspension pieces, new aero bits, and extra muscle. We’re not sure how many Aventador SV Jotas will be see the light of day, but either way, every one of ‘em is most likely already completely sold out.

Regardless, look for a heady dose of V-12 power in the middle of the machine, possibly with figures as high as 800 ponies. The 0-to-60 mph should happen in the mid-2-second range, while top speed will be in excess of 220 mph. As a reference, the standard Lamborghini Aventador produces around 690 horsepower, while more modern versions like the Aventador S make 730 horsepower.

The SV Jota will also sport an enormous wing in the rear, plus a reworked exhaust system. Lambo will probably kick things off with this coupe hardtop version spotted here, followed later by a Roadster model.

Expect a debut some time this summer or fall.


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