Carbon fiber is used in a lot of cars these days, especially those of the high-end variety. You’ll even find it in bicycles, yachts, and even planes.
But as a fashion accessory? We’ve never heard that before.

That, as it turns out, is what Lamborghini is venturing to when it released a new line of carbon fiber bags as part of their new collection. The bags will come in various styles - Travel, Messenger, and Envelope - with each completed in hand-stitched leather with palladium-finish galvanized brass accessories, hand-mounted studs, and cotton lining. The colors of the bags are then highlighted by the diagonal graphite reflections, turn reflected by carbon fiber.

“The uniqueness of these products is not by chance, each one has been carefully studied and is one-of-a-kind, entirely made by hand by craftsmen who carry out each phase of the process,” said Stefan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

We certainly wouldn’t doubt that these products are unique and they make use of a material that’s never been used on bags before. But just like their supercars, these bags cost more than our budgets would allow.

The cheapest of the three is the Carbon Envelope bag, which you’ll have to pay €850, which is around $1,230 based on current exchange rates. Then there’s the Carbon Messenger, which will set you back €1,050 - that’s $1,500 of your hard earned dollars. Finally, the Carbon Travel bag will cost €1,450. Convert that into Benjamins and you get $2,100.


Source: Lamborghini Store

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  (377) posted on 10.21.2011

No matter whether it is connected to cars or not, but believe me, this bags are incredible! I love these bags, every kind of it. Even the color! It looks elegant and not something we you can buy on market.

  (382) posted on 08.31.2011

Yeah, it seems that they have planned in building their own online store! I really don’t get on Lamborghini is following this trend. Wherein fact, they have a good sale on their vehicles!

  (333) posted on 08.31.2011

No again! What do these bags do in the car section? This extended merchandise makes me throw up! I really hate these things posted in here!

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