Could Lambo double-down on adding more variety to its lineup?

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali has not ruled out the possibility of bringing a four-door sedan into its lineup of models, reviving whatever hope was left from those who wanted to see the Estoque four-door sedan concept come to life. Though it’s highly unlikely that Lamborghini will actually revisit the concept, Domenicali’s comments to Car Advice is the first hint of a possible Lamborghini sedan since the Estoque broke into the scene back at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

While he didn’t specifically draw any comparisons, the arrival of the Urus and the importance Lamborghini has placed on the SUV to spearhead the company’s growth in sales volume could open the door for a sedan to get more consideration. The Italian automaker also previously hinted of a production run for the Estoque so it has shown a history of being open to the idea.

What Lamborghini isn’t open to, nor will it ever be open to, is the possibility of an autonomous driving technology. According to Domenicali, that’s where the Italian automaker draws the line. “There are certainly technologies such as autonomous technology…you will never see a Lamborghini being driven independently,” he told Car Advice. Not that Lamborghini will face scrutiny for taking this stance because anybody in their right mind would immediately scoff at the thought of a self-driving Lamborghini for the obvious reason that such a setup would completely eliminate the performance DNA of the Italian automaker, something that’s obviously near and dear to the company and its loyal customers.

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Sedan = good idea; autonomous driving car = bad idea

I’ll be the first to admit that I was excited when Lamborghini introduced the Estoque back in 2010. The thought of a Lamborghini four-door sedan, or at least a four-seater, intrigued me, especially considering that we’d have to go all the way back to the Rambo Lambo and the Lamborghini Jarama as the last models that had four doors and four seats, respectively.

So yes, I’m excited about the possibility of Lamborghini bringing back a sedan after all these years. The automaker has certainly carved a new path for itself with the upcoming Urus SUV, so I don’t see any reason why a sedan can’t be bought up for discussion again. Maybe it can even revisit the Estoque and create a more modern version of the concept, or maybe they can create a completely new model altogether now that it’s in that stage where it needs to start thinking about what it plans to do once the Aventador’s lifespan ends.

Fortunately, none of us have to worry about Lamborghini losing its mind and start considering the thought of an autonomous driving technology. In a ranking of bad ideas, this one immediately wins top honors. For the record, I’m not against autonomous driving cars. I’m actually excited for them as much as everybody else. But that excitement is hinged on seeing everyday cars getting the technology, not a performance-oriented supercar like Lamborghini. A self-driving Lamborghini immediately destroys the essence of what Lamborghini is all about. It spits on the DNA the automaker has carefully guarded all these years. And really, what’s the point of buying a Lamborghini if you’re going to let the car drive itself? It’s a relief to know that, at least under Stefano Domenicali’s watch, Lamborghini will not come close to even considering the thought of developing a self-driving car.

Source: Car Advice

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