Is it just us or does it seem that Lamborghini is forever jinxed to have some of the worst owners in the world?

Lamborghini Gallardo crashes into an electrical cabinet in South Africa
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We talk about a lot of exotics getting wrecked and we realized that the number of Lamborghinis that gets involved in an accident - whether it gets totalled or the freak occasion that it inexplicably bursts into flames – is far more frequent than any other exotic car out there.

This time around, another Lamborghini Gallardo crashed when its driver lost control of his car while speeding along the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. The driver, who fortunately escaped from the crash unscathed, crashed his Gallardo after hitting a pavement and an electric cabinet, which, ultimately resulted in his car’s suspension getting destroyed and a number of other damages, including one of the rear tires getting bent from its bearing.

We know it’s cool to own a Lamborghini, but it’s always cooler if you know how to take good care of it.


Source: GT Spirit

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