Lamborghini Gallardo gets toasted in Greece

What is it about supercars and fire that makes them so attracted to each other?

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we reported a McLaren F1 unexpectedly bursting into flames in California – prior to that, it was a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Moscow – that we have another exotic being engulfed in flames in the streets of Athens, Greece.

The cursed vehicle this time around is a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo that caught fire for no apparent reason. The people – a couple, to be exact - inside to the car were fortunate to have escaped unscathed. Their precious Gallardo, however, was left charred to the ground.

Now, if you’re a car lover, then we strongly caution you on looking at the pictures because, well, they’re beyond gruesome. Unlike the McLaren F1, the Gallardo was completely burnt so bad you’d be hard-pressed to recognize it, even after firefighters were able to control the flames shooting out of the vehicle. It’s like one of those CSI episodes you watch where you see a victim mutilated so bad, forensics have to rely on dental records to identify the person.

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That’s how bad the Gallardo looked at the end. It was, literally, a smoldering heap of metal and the only vestige of resemblance it had left was a scrap of bumper that was fortunate to have been spared from the fire. Apart from that, there was nothing left of the Gallardo but charred remains of what only a few hours ago was a yellow machine streaking along Athens, Greece.

As we’ve said, car lovers with weak stomachs should turn away because the photos you’re about to see are as bad as it can get.

Source: Carscoop

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  (1) posted on 06.23.2009

i am very sad becouse this bull is burned

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