Swiss car tuner BF Performance knows how to talk the talk after saying that the "Lamborghini Gallardo is too innocent and neither dynamic nor individual enough to meet the Swiss’ higher standards."

So they did what any self-respecting, ego-massaging tuning house would do: they backed up their talk.

The Swiss tuner has released a new tuning package for the Gallardo LP560-4 for both the coupe and spyder versions. Called the GT600, the tuning kit adds a stronger performance, more self-confidence and - in line with what they said - a more aggressive styling.

The aerodynamic kit is entirely made in carbon fiber and includes air inlets, a new front spoiler, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a rear wing. Also thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber, the total weight goes down by 43 kilos.

Meanwhile, the interior gets sports bucket seats, steering wheel, door handles and ventilation grids made in carbon fiber.

The tuner did not announce their creation’s official numbers, although they did confirm that it will beat the stronger Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4 SV by an impressive lead time of 0.6 seconds.

These guys sure don’t lack in confidence, do they?

Press release after the jump.

Press release

In the Swiss city Zug, perfection has a different meaning than in the Italian town SantʼAgata Bolognese. While Lamborghini is satisfied with the Gallardo LP560-4, the Swiss have higher demands – at least the engineers at BF-performance. For them, the Gallardo is too innocent and neither dynamic nor individual enough. Therefore, they turn both the Coupé and also the Spyder into the GT600 which has a stronger performance, more self-confidence and looks more aggressive.

Lamborghini Gallardo GT600 by BF Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 352200

The refined appearance immediately catches the eye with the new aerodynamics kit which BF-performance produces entirely in carbon. The elaborate processing of this high-performance material combines extremely light weight with supreme durability. This allows the Lamborghini specialist to implement an optimised aerodynamics concept.

At the front, this shows in voluminous air inlets of the especially developed front spoiler which follows the shape of the Lamborghini top model Reventón. This way, BF-performance does not only improve the driving behaviour, but also gives the Gallardo a significantly aggressive appearance and an increasingly racy look. Optimised under-body aerodynamics is guaranteed by the side skirts and the rear diffuser which are both also made of carbon. The striking carbon rear wing renders additional down thrust. Its edged design perfects the design language of the Lamborghini and gives the Gallardo the finishing touch.

Lamborghini Gallardo GT600 by BF Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 352206

The wing doors render a significant amount of individuality, but are strictly limited to Lamborghini models with twelve-cylinder engines. Due to the refinement by BFperformance,
also the GT600 with a V10 engine can be equipped with doors which are so typical for Lamborghini.

And of course the engineers also focused on the engine performance. BFperformance has confirmed the performance of the new automobile in an impressive race. On the Sachsenring round course, the GT600 even managed to beat the stronger Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 SV by an impressive lead of 0.6 seconds. For the special individualisation, BF-performance offers a unique amendment: it can be modified from a four-wheel drive car to a rear-drive super car. This way, the GT600 combines the exclusive feature of the Gallardo LP550-2 “Valentino Balboni“ with increased performance. The new engine concept and 43 kilogramme of saved weight render a unique driving experience.

The interior also follows this dynamic maxim. Apart from the sports bucket seats, BF-performance also offers five-point belts, a roll-over cage and a carbonceramic braking system with which the GT600 meets the highest racing standards. BF-performance visually adjusts the interior to the increased dynamics. The manufactory uses carbon on the steering wheel, door handles, ventilation grids and even at the switch casings. The customer can even opt for carbon in his favourite colour.

Lamborghini Gallardo GT600 by BF Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 352199

BF-performance offers the entire car with all components either as the sporty Coupé GT600 or also as the Roadster GT600 Spyder.

The entire automobile confirms the perfection and passion for detail applied by BFperformance. The Lamborghini specialist has already gained experience with the predecessor model and now brings its art of engineering into perfection with the GT 600. Also Lamborghiniʼs design development confirms the talents of BFperformance, as the Swiss specialist is always one step ahead of the Italian manufacturer.

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  (777) posted on 05.26.2011

haha. I want to laugh hard on that statement! I think who ever said never has a chance to drive on one of Lamborghini cars! Whoever he is I suggest that he try it first before saying any nonsense thing!

  (453) posted on 05.26.2011

Meaning, the Swiss auto company thinks that their car is better than Lamborghini? Hmm. I think they should do that modification on their Rinspeed car and not here! And lets see who has the best tuner between Lamborghini and Rinspeed!

  (344) posted on 03.15.2010

Aerodynamics is really important as it is one of the factors that those car engineers see and test in making a child fly. It can also help a lot in the handling of the cars. I do like the additional kit they have placed in this Lamborghini as it is all improving the car’s performance.

  (815) posted on 03.14.2010

agree, it looks more aggressive and stronger performance. i hope it’s front lip fin and intake can do it’s job well giving the car more grip on the ground.

  (765) posted on 03.10.2010

An amazing creation by Lamborghini, I like the white one it is very elegant.

  (648) posted on 03.9.2010

Lovely looking sports car, plus BF added a little tickle into it. well 0.6Sec is a big difference, well with that kind of speed they really need to improve it’s down force to generate more grip on the groud.

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