The new tunner for Lamborghini, IMSA has a developed a brand new Lambo: hot, powerful and ready to hit the road to impress everyone.

Imsa is trying to impress. How? By taking a Lamborghini Gallardo and giving it a very special bodykit, complete with very wide fenders, large wheels and a massive rear wing.

They pump the V10 engine to offer a 600 HP, creating more than enough reserve for even the most demanding driver on the public roads. They kip the original design of the Gallardo, only the fenders are wider and the air intakes larger and the rear has grown quite a bit into a full free standing model.

Quality control and fine-tuning of this powerplant is fully controlled by computers, similar to those used for Formula One cars!

With all those sporty looks on the outside one might forget that the interior boasts the finest leather combined with Alcantara, details in aluminum and Carbon Fiber are naturally present too, just like the customer ordered it.

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  (6023) posted on 11.24.2006

Only if I could borrow that for a month! pls god

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