Lamborghini tuner IMSA has just released an updated version of their GTV kit for the Gallardo LP 560. The kit consists of an aerodynamically optimized front bumper with two large openings on either side of a small wing in the center section, like on the Ferrari Enzo. There are accentuated arches at all four corners allowing the use of wider rubber for more grip. The back bumper has also been redesigned incorporating a rear diffuser. Completing the aerodynamic treatment are side skirts that channel air around the car instead of underneath, this helps to further suck the Lamborghini to the ground at high speeds.

IMSA’s hope for this aero package is to enhance the performance of the vehicle both aesthetically and dynamically and remind the public of the legendary GTV models from the good old days. Even sitting still the yellow Lamborghini looks like it is going 200 MPH.

Press release after the jump.

Press release:

Only very recently, the new Gallardo LP 560 appeared on the world stage of automotive prodigies - and, already, Lamborghini tuner IMSA has taken care of it. Here, for the fi st time, the legendary GTV kit for the LP 560 will shortly be available. Of course, it is also made of high-quality carbon from the autoclave. It consists of an aerodynamically optimised front apron, larger fenders for all four wheel arches and a rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. Thanks to the corresponding side skirts, the dynamic design is harmoniously brought to perfection. Thus equipped, even the parked car looks signifi cantly racier and reminds the beholder of the legendary GTV models from the good old days. A body kit whose dynamics convince without exaggeration..

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