A one-of-a-kind "Celebrity Lamborghini Gallardo" was sold today at the Kruse International auction to John O’Quinn for a record breaking price of $500,000, making the Celebrity Gallardo the most money ever paid for any new Lamborghini.

The vehicle was signed by 33 top stars, many of whom have won Academy, Golden Globe or Emmy Awards; including this year’s Emmy Award winner for Best Actor, Keifer Sutherland. Also signing the Gallardo are Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jon Voight, Ben Affleck, Dakota Fanning, Paula Abdul, Samuel L. Jackson, James Caan, Hugh Hefner, Deborah Messing, Will Ferrell, Randy Travis, Regis Philbin and others.

"Although only a handful of people could afford to bid on this fabulous dream car," said Ward Leber, CEO of CSN, "the media exposure will bring attention to our website, http://www.csn.org where every parent can receive free vital information and resources on over 30 child safety topics. The funds will help us continue our 17-year mission to make America a safer place for children to live.
John O’Quinn, the highest bidder said, "I was happy to help CSN protect children and the Lamborghini will make a wonderful addition to the O’Quinn collection."
Pietro Frigerio of Lamborghini said, "Too many children in this country are being abused, abducted, injured or exploited. While Lamborghini is an Italian car maker that focuses on a very unique population of car owners, we care about the safety of all families and children. We are very happy to lend a hand to CSN for this important cause."

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