Well, it looks like yet another Lamborghini has met a fire-engulfed fate, but this time, it wasn’t at the hands of an idiotic owner that was trying to show off. The burned remains that you’re looking at here are those of a Lamborghini Huracán that was owned by David Mahler, the owner of H&O Investments in New Orleans.

See there is actually quite a story behind this torched Lambo. Recently, H&O Investments was named as the company that would remove a number of Confederate monuments around New Orleans. Shortly after Mahler was awarded the contract to remove the monument, death threats from those protesting the removal ensued. Mahler and his company pulled out of the job, but he still woke up yesterday morning to these sorry looking remains of his Huracán after being set ablaze.

Officials from the Baton Rouge Fire Department is currently conducting an investigation into the situation, with Mahler’s attorney suggesting that the circumstances around the torched Lambo are “extremely suspicious.” At this point, no word about the type of accelerant used or potential suspects has been reported. Until the local authorities come up with something, it looks like Mahler better start dealing with his insurance company.

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Why it matters

This whole Confederate flag and monument business has really gone too far. Perhaps those things are offensive to some, and a piece of history to others, but to burn a man’s Lamborghini over it all is quite ridiculous. First off, the man was simply doing his job before he started received death threats. Those death threats alone were enough for him to step out of the contract to remove the monuments. Apparently news of Mahler’s forfeiting the contract didn’t make it to the suspected arson, leaving the $200,000+ supercar at the mercy of a vengeful pyromaniac.

This whole situation has clearly spun out of control, and I hope those responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Destroying another person’s property is never the answer. If you don’t agree with the decision for the monuments to be removed, follow the proper legal channels to fight against the ruling. Don’t threaten the life of, or destroy the property of the next person brave enough to take on a controversial job.

Lamborghini Huracán

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Source: WDSU News

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