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Lamborghini Is Resurrecting One Of Its Most Iconic Names

Although Lamborghini put out a teaser video, details about the new Countach remain slim

Sit down, if you are standing up, and take a deep breath because one of the most renowned cars of all time is supposedly getting a revival; and no, this is not a joke. A new Lamborghini Countach is en route, and the Italian automaker has officially confirmed it.

The Countach turns 50 this year, and it was only last week that we brought you a story on a designer re-imagining a Neo-Retro Lamborghini Countach. The rendering featured the sleek design aesthetic of early iterations of the Supercar, balanced with hints of modernity and performance.


Well, it looks like the folks at Sant’Agata Bolognese were listening after all. In an announcement on August 9 via Facebook, Lamborghini published a 20-second clip that concludes with a wedge-shaped car and a short message that read: "The new Lamborghini Countach is coming.”

Lamborghini Is Resurrecting One Of Its Most Iconic Names Exterior
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The car should most likely give us the direction that the Italian automaker intends to take as far as hybrid powertrains go.

The Countach, as we all know, is one of the most iconic cars to have ever been made. Penned by none other than Marcello Gandini who was with Bertone at the time, the Countach was launched back in 1971. It remained in Lamborghini’s portfolio for over two decades. God alone knows as to how many of us had a poster of this Italian icon on our bedroom wall growing up.

What Do We Know So Far?

Lamborghini Is Resurrecting One Of Its Most Iconic Names Exterior
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Has this news set your pulse racing and brought back hints of nostalgia? Well, you’re not alone if you have a lot of questions at this point. We didn’t really get much from that tiny 20-second clip, did we? However, what we can confirm is that the next Lamborghini Countach is set to become one of the Italian brand’s trendiest modern cars. I mean, the Countach name itself has a legacy of over fifty years now.

In terms of design, the teaser image clearly depicts a wedge-shaped car behind a big hood, and the absence of a rear spoiler hints that this Countach may be inspired by earlier models from the 1970s.

It looks like an evocative and clean profile, but we can anticipate a slew of appendages, air intakes, and geometric shapes.

What Will Power The New Countach?

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The Lamborghini Aventador 780 Ultimae that came out last month, marks the end of this glorious chapter of using naturally aspirated V-12s for the Italian automaker.

The Last Aventador, the LP 780 Ultimae, that came out a few weeks ago, was the last naturally aspirated V-12 Lamborghini. Stephan Winkelmann himself said that the V-12 will live on as a hybrid, keeping the spirit of the Italian brand alive.

Perhaps, this new Countach will give us this direction. It could very well be the last swan song for the present V-12 engine while also offering a Neo-Retro design un-rivaled in Lamborghini’s recent history.


Lamborghini Is Resurrecting One Of Its Most Iconic Names Exterior
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Following the classic wedge-shape design without a rear wing.

Whatever might be the case, one thing is for certain. Be it as a concept or a production car, the reintroduction of the Countach name warms our hearts. When the prototype with the scissor-doors emerged back in 1971, it flipped the automotive world on its head. It was in the Italian manufacturer’s portfolio for two decades, going through several changes.

The design of the original Countach was way ahead of its time and was like nothing else at the time. So much so that the Countach still looks futuristic to this day, 50 years on. Lamborghini’s message here is clear. It intends to showcase the next chapter for the brand and therefore it is probable that this new Countach serves as a road map for the future of the Italian Automaker. The new Countach will be shown at the Monterey Car Week in a few days.

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