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Lamborghini Just Isn’t For Sale, Shoots Down $9.2 Billion Deal

VAG turns down a $9.175 billion offer and retains ownership of Lamborghini

Lamborghini is a very interesting manufacturer at the moment. This is due to its refusal to give up the big normally-aspirated V-12, in times of downsizing and hybridization. Even AMG – a company largely defined by its handmade V-8 engines, has switched to turbocharged inline-fours. And although we know that Lamborghini’s future vehicles will feature hybrid tech, they are not willing to give up their V-12 flagships.

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As of now, Lamborghini’s flagship supercar will still feature a big normally-aspirated V-12

Recently, we talked about a new consortium that has offered unthinkable amounts of money for Lamborghini and how VAG might not be able to say no. The Italian car brand has had a really successful run under Audi ownership. However, VAG has been considering some pretty big moves of late. Among them were selling Bugatti to Rimac, as well as selling Lamborghini and Ducati.

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And by 2030, Lamborghini is said to make the complete transition to electrcity

Autocar recently reported on an offer of €7.5 billion or $9.175 billion at current exchange rates, made by Quantum Group AG and Centricus Asset Management. The deal, however, was refused, meaning that Lamborghini will still remain under VAG ownership.

Lamborghini Just Isn't For Sale, Shoots Down $9.2 Billion Deal
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The plan was to turn Lmaborghini into a spearhead for innovation by consistently implementing clean drivetrin technologies

Their goal for the “Ragin Bull” was to become a “spearhead for innovation by consistently implementing new clean drivetrain technologies”. Despite the company’s refusal to give up the V-12 engine, the brand has a hybridization strategy, which would mean that by 2025, all cars coming out of the Lamborghini factory will feature a hybrid powertrain. This is expected to be followed by complete model electrification, by 2030.

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