Wince, Get Angry, Exhale, Shrug, Accept. These were the actions taken by many sports car lovers when their devoted automakers began falling off the wagon and building SUVs. It was only a short time ago that b>Lamborghini confirmed a production Estoque, but denied plans for building an SUV. Now, the Italian automaker is getting into bed with the brand that started it all to build an SUV of their own. According to British magazine, AutoExpress, Lamborghini is teaming up with fellow Volkswagen Group brand Porsche to develop their first SUV partly because they know it’s a market Ferrari can’t get into.

"Ferrari can’t follow into this market, because it has no links to SUVs at all. Lamborghini is entirely credible as an SUV maker, but it can’t do it alone. And as Porsche has shown it already knows how to do it, it makes sense to work together."

This means that the future Lamborghini SUV will be built on Porsche’s latest GT architecture which will also be used for the new generation Bentley models. Lamborghini will also use this platform in an attempt to make the Estoque a global model. Thankfully, the company’s supercars will remain in-house developed models with no help from outsiders. Good thing they cleared that up; wouldn’t want to think they were selling out completely.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (419) posted on 07.6.2011

Hmm, it seems that Lamborghini is not sure yet if they would continue with the SUV development. But if I were them, they should go on with it, since it would be a totally new market opportunity.

  (600) posted on 06.30.2011

If Lamborghini would sell out completely, well I think that’s kinda insane for them. Known for making tons of best muscle and super cars, Lamborghini really needed a help from an expert if they try to built a SUV which Ferrari is indeed not in the category.

  (302) posted on 06.28.2011

I wonder what kind of SUV will they be able to come up with now. Maybe if they were able to retain the kind of aesthetics common in their cars and use it for this one, then they have a winner.

  (798) posted on 06.27.2011

Well, we really can’t tell how this one is going to be. After all, it would probably take them sometime before they can unveil the first models, and that’s the only time that we can judge it.

  (594) posted on 06.27.2011

I really don’t know if it would be a good idea on Lamborghini’s part to develop am SUV. Sire, Ferrari wouldn’t likely go that way, but I don’t think that it will also be easily accepted by Lambo fans.

  (320) posted on 06.24.2011

They said that Ferrari would never go into this market, but I think they have already done it. Well, sort of, just take a look at the FF, it already has SUV touches in it.

  (384) posted on 06.24.2011

What the? Lamborghini’s going to build an SUV? Well now, that one is rather surprising indeed. I wonder how they would actually pull this one off.

  (399) posted on 06.24.2011

Its look is worst than the hideous looking truck! I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of this production I was expecting for a more elegant and good look!

  (434) posted on 06.24.2011

hmm. It seems that the collaboration of the Porsche and Lamborghini don’t form a good team for this SUV model is kind of lame and I think it would be better not to choose this car.

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