With winter taking full effect in some parts of the world automobile owners must prepare for the ice covered roads and their snow covered vehicles, and as we can see from the image above, not even exotic Italian super cars can avoid getting covered in a frosty white blanket. This Lamborghini LP 670-4 SV from Moscow is no different, however we must say that the owner may be onto something with the new orange and white color scheme. With a total of 670 HP and weighing in about 220 pounds less than the standard model, the LP SV is able to rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds and can hit a top speed of 212 MPH, and this sort of a winter wonderland setting is the perfect opportunity for this Lamborghini owner to see if his Quattro derived all wheel drive train is up to the frozen conditions.


Source: Autojunk

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  (428) posted on 01.31.2010

The owner must have been visiting someone. Anyways, the snow doesn’t look that deep. It must have happened overnight while the owner is out somewhere. With the ladies perhaps?

  (555) posted on 01.26.2010

Winter is the most dangerous season for luxury car owners, especially for the fast drivers. This Lamborghini covered with snow is just the same, its metal can surely endure the freeze brought by the season. But to keep the car and the million dollar safe, it should stay there before anything worse happen on the road.

  (765) posted on 01.5.2010

That should be the concept of a multi-million car Bugatti. I’m still on the process of upgrading my mind and try to insert this concept on the line of Bugatti’s finest cars. Really outstanding design of JMV and I’m hoping that this one will consider by Bugatti design department,

Uncia  (868) posted on 12.30.2009

Didn’t anyone notice the Bentley behind it?

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