Lamborghini may be leaning towards an SUV and not a production Estoque

2012 Lamborghini LM00X Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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2014 Lamborghini Estoque Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Lamborghini has been on the fence about which model to add to their lineup for what seems like forever, but it looks like the decision will finally be made sometime before the end of the year. At first it was believed that we would get to see the production version of the Estoque, but it may be the successor for the legendary LM002 that will come out on top due to the trends in growing markets like China.

"We haven’t asked our customers so much in terms of a personal question but the feeling, especially for the new markets, is SUV seems to be the majority," said Christian Mastra Lamborghini Asia-Pacific boss. "If you think about India, China, Brazil, Mexico — all the new markets are more keen on this kind of car. Especially as we might have also the heritage with that, if you think about the LN002. We’ll see, the decision has not been taken yet."

If Lamborghini does go through with their SUV, they would be clearly following in the footsteps of their main competitor, Porsche, but that will be where the trail ends. Mastra says Lamborghini will not be going into the hybrid, or even diesel markets with their models. They say their supercars will always be powered by V10 or V12 engines and the SUV or sedan may be seeing a turbocharged engine, but that’s the only compromise they will make to their heritage.


Source: The Age

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  (692) posted on 10.12.2011

Yeah right, SUV seems to be the major search of most car lovers.. Not only they can take in a little further but they can also take their family with them on their travel.. Perhaps that’s one of the reason why SUV is more asked by buyers today..

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