How’s this for a major fire bummer. A beautiful Lamborghini Murcielago was spotted in Brooklyn, New York earlier today, but, unfortunately, this exotic beauty had nothing beautiful about it. That is, unless, you find burning exotic cars beautiful.

There are a number of speculations going around from witnesses at the scene as to how the Lamborghini ended up being toasted. One of them being that the crisped Murcielago was stolen by two men who eventually decided that stealing a $350,000 supercar wasn’t fun enough. Apparently, the two men upped the ante by lighting it on fire. Another witness, however, said that the supercar just caught fire inexplicably, which wouldn’t be too far out of the realm of the imagination considering that these cars have been prone to catch fire on occasion.

We don’t know which story carries more weight and, quite frankly, we don’t really care how the Lamborghini Murcielago burned down, only that it did. And that in itself is enough to dampen our spirits.


Source: Jalopnik

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  (134) posted on 09.27.2010

OMG, the coolest car just burn like that..

  (291) posted on 08.8.2010

What a great waste to see this exotic car just burn down. But the good thing is no civilian get hurt due to the accident.

  (434) posted on 06.28.2010

That’s what happens when you leave an expensive car in the hood. People who stole the car didn’t care how they drove the expensive car. They probably didn’t even know what brand of car they stole.

  (205) posted on 06.27.2010

Poor Lamborghini Murcielago, and it seems a waste of money, that’s why its very important to think twice before buying expensive cars.

  (507) posted on 06.27.2010

I really hate to see a super car like this ended up with fire. It would be better if it ended with a wreck than fire.

  (859) posted on 06.25.2010

You guys need to do better research. There have been no/none/not one instance of the fuel tank recall defect actually causing a fire. The recall is a proactive step taken once Lamborghini realized there could be an issue with the fuel tanks. These guys aren’t Toyota, they actually do something when an issue is found.

  (1023) posted on 06.24.2010

dang toasted.. i hate to see a super car ended up like that.

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