• Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JB-R

The German aftermarket tuning firm JB Design has just come out with a modified Lamborghini Murcielgo LP 640 that takes the ridiculousness of the Italian super car and pushes it well into the realm of insanity. The carbon fiber bodywork is only the beginning of what the tuners at JB Design can do, for around $41,000 they will upgrade the 640 HP V12 to the tune of 710 HP with their Stage 1 program. However this particular model goes even further, sending a total of 750 HP through the Lamorghini’s all wheel drive system. The added bonus to the engine package is that the LP 640 can now hit a 229 MPH top speed.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JB-R
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Ensuring exclusivity the highly modified Murcielaago is painted in a custom shade called Blood to Black Diamond that is owned by JB and is being limited to only 911 liters. That means you will have to suck up pretty hard to the boss at JB for a few quarts if you want to try and recreate this at home. The car designers make use of lightweight carbon fiber both inside and out. The hood is replaced with the space age wavy stuff as well as a more aggressive aero package. The front wing features a Formula One type center section and a pair of upward flanks on either side. Everything about this car is about the extreme, event the air intakes in the front bumper have a pair of black carbon fiber frames that act as air ducts forcing in more air at speed. Out back there is an over sized carbon fiber wing that wears the shops official JBR logo on the side.

The interior is equally as over the top as the outside making fine use of carbon fiber. Every surface is either covered in fine Italian leather or color complimenting dark red Ultrasuede. Every panel that would be made out of plastic on an ordinary car is made from large blocks of carbon fiber. The JBR is finished by a set of three piece Schmidt Revolution aluminum alloy wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter. The bright polished rims set off the car’s dark tinted windows and blood red paint perfectly, making this a car fit for the devil. The Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JBR is certainly not a bad way to spend half a million Euro.

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Press release

JB Design presents the ultimate car among the coupes. The LP 640 JB-R is a sports car of breathtaking fascination, menacingly power and uncompromising luxury. The 12-cylinder engine performs now after power level I (28.000,00 Euro) 525 KW (710 hp). The Lamborghini comes in combination with a changed underbody (ground effect) to an unbelievable final velocity. Not until the sports car has reached 370 km/h the air drag decelerates it. Gears are changed using a F1 steering wheel rocker switch.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JB-R
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No question, with the upgraded LP 640 JB-R JB Car Design has raised the bar for competition in the section super sports cars again a lot: with his increased performance up to 710 respectively 750 hp and his VIP-finishing in “Blood to Black Diamond” he not just delivers again a clear growth in output but an individual visual appearance as well. The patent registered finish is only available through JB Car Design. It costs (ready to be sprayed on) 280,00 Euro per liter and is limited to 911 liter worldwide, whereby the exclusivity is guaranteed.

The sharpened version of the LP 640 JB-R is as close to racing as no other car with MOT approval. But luxury is also to be found, as for example in the interior. The whole interior was color adjusted to the exterior by using high quality materials in combination with dark red Ultrasuede and black smooth leather in bi-color as well as little extras made of carbon fiber.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JB-R
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In addition very decent and in black: tinted windshield, back and side windows (2.370,00 Euro including the approval of the Technical control board).

After having made over the interior it is now turn of the wheelset. New three part 20” Schmidt Revolution aluminum rims with hardened outer rim made of stainless steel in combination with Michelin wide base tires size 265/30-20 and 335/30-20.

As impressive as the sprint on the long straight stretch might be, most fun with the LP 640 JB- R you have in the curves. This is the reason why JB Car Design has intensified the abrasion by using their own aerodynamic-package consisting of
front- and rear spoiler, rear diffuser, air intake in the front, side coverings, side skirts, the front opening hood as well as the engine hood. They have newly adjusted the running gear and tuned the super athlete thus he practically sticks to the street.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 JB-R
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The built in, premium flap controlled sport exhaust systems offers the best sound at the push of a button. With the provided remote control the customer can change the sound of the exhaust pipe while driving.

The demonstration car is available for a price of 355.000,00 Euro ( YOC 2008, 9.000 km). The original price incl. the costs of the conversion is 500.000,00 Euro!

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