It’s not more than two months since the Murcielago LP640 has made its world debut at the geneva Motor Show. But allready two models were crashed. The last one in St. Andrae, Austria on June 15, 2006.

The LP640 was on its way to a press event when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree after attempting to pass another vehicle. The car burst into flames - the driver had to be flown to a nearby hospital after suffering severe burns.

Now we can’t wonder: are the super cars so hard to handle? Or what is wrong with the car? Because two models crashing before the car going into production is something we can’t ignore.... So we’re asking you: do you still want a super car in your garadge?

What do you think?
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  (6023) posted on 07.10.2006

many rich people who get rich for the first time never had any experience before with supercars so they go crazy when they get one and consequently screw up.

  (6023) posted on 06.19.2006

hell yea aslong as it dosent have any flaws

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