It’s not uncommon to see a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 along the streets of Europe or in the Middle East and seeing one in those parts of the world isn’t enough to make us raise our eyebrows.

But this particular video did just that because it was shot cruising the streets of Angola. Yes, that Angola; the very same Angola that has seen countless civil protests and unrest since gaining independence from Portugal back in 1975. To be fair though, Angola has turned itself around in recent years thanks in large part to an economic boom that has seen it rise above its war-stricken neighbors to become the second largest oil producer in African and the biggest supplier in China.

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Don’t get us wrong, either; the country is still years away from curbing the widespread poverty but the improvements they’ve made - especially to the upper echelon of the social class – has resulted in more and more people capable of buying their own Lamborghinis like this one. It may be a small sample size relative to its country’s population, but at least a brand like Lamborghini wouldn’t be confused with an exotic delicacy as surely it would have been in the past.

Source: GT Spirit

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  (630) posted on 02.24.2011

The newly designed frame also is constructed largely from carbon and steel but features a distinctive new reinforcement structure in the engine area and automatically deployed, concealed roll hoops.

  (648) posted on 03.1.2010

What did the plate say? Anyhow, it doesn’t really look like a Murchielago to me. It has been chopped perhaps? Anyways, it doesn’t really matter on where that car ends up, the driver will still have a lot of heads turn as this is a very wonderful car (if its authentic and original that is.).

  (1333) posted on 02.28.2010

IMO it was an un expect to see a Murcielago running on the road of angola, maybe he’s a member of politics or high-class family.

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