Italian supercar brand is leveling up on giving its customers what they want out of their new Lambos

Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalization program is getting its very own space inside the Italian automaker’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The new studio will be dedicated strictly to Lambo’s Ad Personam program and will exclusively cater to the company’s customer base. Prospective owners will be given the unique experience of getting a guided tour of the facility before they get to the business of calling the shots on how they want their Lamborghinis to be customized.

This isn’t something overly different from what Lamborghini has been doing since it kicked off the Ad Personam program back in 2006. It’s just now the program will have its own dedicated space where customers can choose from a wide range of personalized options available for both the Huracán and the Aventador. The new studio features displays on all the options available, including the body color, the choice of leather, seat, and trim options – and of course Lamborghini’s very own forged composite carbon fiber material that the automaker is offering exclusive on the Aventador.

Considering that more than half of cars it sold in 2016 passed through the Ad Personam customization program, the opening of this new studio will serve prospective Lamborghini owners well as they try to put personalized touches on their new supercars.

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Lamborghini's Ad Personam Program Is Getting Its Own Studio
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There’s something to be said for an automaker that’s really investing heavily in giving its customers an opportunity to design their cars the way they’d like to. Give credit to Lamborghini for being cognizant of this and for doing what it can to enhance the customer experience of its owners.

The new studio may not be that much of a big deal for some people, but it shows just how much importance Lamborghini is putting into its Ad Personam program. It’s hard to believe that the customization platform has been around for 10 years, and in that time, has already evolved into one of the most comprehensive and customer-friendly personalization programs in the industry. Having this new studio in the fold only adds to the program’s appeal because it’s effectively telling prospective Lambo owners that there’s a place solely dedicated for assembling their personal touches on their Huracán or Aventador.

For those who still aren’t familiar with the Ad Personam program, here’s a brief sample of what you can expect from it. For instance, there’s a wealth of exterior colors available for both the Huracán and the Aventador. These include Bullet Silver, Brilliant Black, Bordeaux Red, and Razorblade Gray, among others. Buyers can also customize the interior leather upholstery and choose from a wide range of colors including, Andromeda Black, Champagne Gold, Snowflake White, and Acid Yellow. As for the color of the seams, Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program has that too, including Corsett Black, Baseball Red, Sail White, Boxing Glove Blue, and a host of other neatly named colors that look a lot cooler than they sound.

There are also a handful of new materials that have also been added, including different types of Alcantara and new leathers, as well as Lambo’s trademark forged composite carbon fiber, which according to Lamborghini, is the most demanded option of the entire Ad Personam program.

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Lamborghini launches the Ad Personam Studio at its historic Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters: an area dedicated entirely to the company’s customization program, which enables each customer to create his or her very own, Lamborghini.

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Program Is Getting Its Own Studio
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The Ad Personam Studio is located in the heart of the company’s production facility, and its concept and furnishings inspired by creative spaces and design studios. It is designed to offer Lamborghini customers the unique experience of being aided by an Ad Personam specialist at every step of the process, in order to select colors, interior trim and the materials of their future super sports car.

Before specifying their car, the prospective owner visits the factory on a guided tour, so he or she can view possible configurations on actual Huracán and Aventador models. Next, the customer is hosted in the sophisticated yet minimal atmosphere of the Ad Personam Studio, which includes displays of leathers, colors, materials, seats and rims, and includes an advanced car configurator for digital simulation of possible options. The lounge area is also used for displaying the particular Lamborghini model ordered by the customer.

The Ad Personam program is available for both Huracán and Aventador. As one of the company’s strategic offerings, the program not only ensures the best possible customer experience, but also enhances the product and brand in a broader sense.

Ad Personam began in 2006 and was expanded in 2013 with the creation of a dedicated team consisting of representatives from the company’s principal departments. The goal of the Ad Personam group of specialists is to provide a tailored consulting service that aids each customer in choosing colors, materials, trim and accessories, which meet the stylistic criteria of the Lamborghini marque and are consistent with its stringent quality and safety standards.

Lamborghini's Ad Personam Program Is Getting Its Own Studio
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Since 2013, more than 50 new Ad Personam exterior colors have been developed, and the option of applying two-tone paint and livery has been introduced. The number of possible combinations of colors and materials for the interior has also been increased. New materials have even been added, such as different types of Alcantara to enhance sporty components of the car interior and new fine leathers like the semi-aniline leather to enhance the luxurious feeling of the interior.

One of the most high-tech and in-demand Ad Personam materials is Forged Composite, an innovative carbon fiber material patented by Lamborghini and offered on both the roof and the interior and exterior details of the Aventador.

In the first half of 2016 more than 50% of Lamborghini super sports cars delivered were customized with the Ad Personam option - a percentage that has tripled over the past three years. The Aventador is undoubtedly the most customized model: the privilege of a clientele that is more sensitive to the exclusiveness and uniqueness of their purchase.

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