Here we go again! Excited to see the new Lamborghini supercar up close and personal when it is revealed at the Paris Motor Show, we are scavenging the web to try and find more information to let loose before the official unveiling. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look long since Lamborghini has revealed its 4th teaser image out of the six it will be showing before the car takes the stage at the end of the week. This time, the teaser image reveals the sixth element of the car: the carbon fiber. Despite everyone’s expectations, this teaser does not reveal the long rumored Jotaas that model has been scratched from the Paris show’s lineup. Yeah, we know. We’re bummed too.

Instead, it is said that Lamborghini will only be bringing one concept vehicle to the show that will preview the company’s future technology. We don’t know much of the vehicle, except for what they have showed us in their indistinct teaser images, but we have heard that this model is coded the "83X".

Regardless of what it’s called or what it can do, which we haven’t heard anything on just yet, the mysterious concept is a Lamborghini so we are sure we will not be disappointed.


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