Lamborghini’s Hybrid Ambitions Could Keep the V-10 Alive

We could see the Huracan and its successor get a V-10 paired with a supercapacitor

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Lamborghini has arguably been the king of building exciting engines from scratch and only dropping them into one specific car. With the Aventador out of production and the Huracan surely not that far behind, the raging bull is turning to hybrid power to keep the "baby Lambo" alive.

The Huracan isn’t dead just yet, but it will be a hybrid

Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer Rouven Mohr told Auto Express "Regarding the drivetrain it will be plug-in hybrid, and from the performance point of view, it will again be a big step...The engine will be bespoke for Lamborghini. On the final details, we can’t yet communicate this, but I would say more than six and less than 12 cylinders for the combustion engine.”

This means the Huracan’s replacement, or perhaps a late model version of the Huracan itself, will either have a hybridized V-8 or a hybridized V-10. Lamborghini has a habit of releasing a new engine, or at least a heavily modified version of an old engine, with each new bespoke car it has produced in the last 10-15 years.

Going off this, the Hybrid V-8 or V-10 could be an all-new engine for the Huracan’s replacement but is getting shown off early in a late-stage Huracan. It’s well within reason this in-house designed and built hybrid V-10 could produce about 850 horsepower which would put it square in the cross hairs of the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Lamborghini could also take the cheapest route and modify the existing twin-turbo V-8 that is shared with the Urus and the rest of the VW group with some bespoke parts so they can call it "bespoke."

However, the more likely possibility is that the Hybrid Huracan and its successor would simply have the existing 5.2-liter V-10 with an electric motor and a battery pack strapped to the drive train. This configuration could probably nudge the 800-horsepower mark.

What does this look like for the rest of Lamborghini?

We already know the successor to the Aventador will have a Hybrid V-12, possibly with the hybrid assistance coming from a supercapacitor. We know this could happen since the Sian showed us supercapacitors bring added benefits to a hybrid powertrain, such as being significantly lighter (the Sian’s weighed 75 pounds) and smaller than batteries.

The Hybrid Huracan and its successor could have a V-10 accompanied by a supercapacitor, it would be difficult, expensive, and slightly ridiculous, but that’s what Lamborghinis are all about.

In terms of how a Hybrid or even electric Lambo is still a Lambo at heart, Mohr said, "Even if you would not hear the engine sound today, you would recognise how the cars behave today as a Lamborghini...The hardware today - the combustion engine, the gear shift - it limits you a little bit today. In the electrified world the field of possible application is even wider, so on this topic I am not worried about at all. In some ways it will be easier to define a Lamborghini in the future.”

Whenever cars get their own engine and powertrain that is unique to them and created from nothing, it is usually special with loads of thought and technical brain power poured into the project to make the engine as exciting and powerful as possible. If anyone can make hybrid power even more exciting, it is Lamborghini.

Source: Auto Express

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