Would you spend $2,450 for a Lambo phone? I didn’t think so.

Part of what makes Lamborghini a premium brand is that it can slap its name on anything and that “thing” suddenly becomes a premium item. No more is this evident than on laptops and smartphones. Remember the Asus Lamborghini VX Series? How about the ZX1 smartphone? Now, the Raging Bull’s likeness will once again be stamped on a smartphone. This one is called “Alpha-One,” and it’s a waste of $2,450.

Now, I will indulge those who think a Lamborghini-branded smartphone is something worth splurging on. The Alpha-One, to its credit, isn’t a shill. It does have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which is supposedly fast and does lots of cool things. It also has four gigabytes worth of RAM with expandable storage, a 20-megapixel rear camera, an eight-megapixel front camera, a fingerprint scanner, a 5.5-inch WQHD display, and an Android Nougat operating system. I’ll give it this much: it’s well-equipped, which is more than what other faux mobile phone brands can say for themselves. Take it a step further and you might even be impressed by its supposed liquid metal frame and Italian handmade black leather back case, which by the way, has its own contrast stitching. On the surface, everything about it checks out as a premium smartphone, and that’s precisely what it’s problem is. As well-equipped as it is, there’s no way that the Alpha-One should cost $2,450, roughly double the price of the most powerful version of the iPhone that’s out in the market today. Then again, that’s the price people will have to pay for it, all because it has “Lamborghini” logo.

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Don’t spend for the sake of spending

I understand the urge that some people have of buying something like this. Can’t buy an actual Lamborghini? Get the next best thing, right? It’s sound logic if you’re bent on splurging on something that you probably shouldn’t.

The Alpha One is just that: an unnecessary splurge of an item with versions that are far more advanced that also happen to come at a cheaper price

For all intents and purposes, the Alpha One is just that; it’s an unnecessary splurge of an item with versions that are far more advanced that also happen to come at a cheaper price. You can take my advice and run away with it, or you can ignore me and spend for this phone. The choice has and will always be up to you. Just take my word as someone who has experience with this sort of thing. Don’t buy something just because it hails from your favorite brand.

Then again, if you want it bad enough that you’re willing to shell out that much for it, don’t let me stop you. Just let us know if it ends up being worth it a year from now.


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