As you know Lamborghini will unveil the Murcielago’s replacement at the Paris Auto Show at the end of the month. But today the Italian company revealed the first teaser of the future supercar and the next statement: "Lamborghini. Sound and light. Paris 2010. Discover the way to the future of supersports cars." Not much of course, but just enough to make us wishing the show starts earlier.

Rumored to be called Jota, the future supercar will be shorter and weigh about 300lbs. less than the Murcielago. It will be built on a new carbon-fiber tub and will use as much aluminum and carbon fiber as possible to reduce weight. The Jota will hit a top speed of 230mph and will sit on new 21" wheels over upgraded Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. It will also come with Audi’s torque vectoring technology which offers even better handling.

Stay tuned! We’ll get back with more details soon!


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