There’s no such thing as a difficult terrain for the Urus SUV

We’ve already seen and heard everything we need to know about the Lamborghini Urus, or so that’s what we thought because it seems that there’s still more to Lambo’s new SUV than what we already know. Take its available driving modes for example. Whereas both the Huracan and Aventador have three modes - Strada, Sport, Corsa - available to them, the Urus has six at its disposal, including the aforementioned three performance modes. In addition, the Urus also has Terra (land), Neve (snow) and Sabbia (sand).

The first of two of those modes speak to the Urus’ capabilities of driving in challenging terrains, be it in the outdoors or in snow. The last mode though is the really interesting feature because as it turns out, the Urus is more than capable of tackling sand dunes, and Lambo has the video showcase to prove it. It’s only a 30-second tease and it was likely released to build up anticipation — as if it needed any — ahead of the SUV’s December 4 presentation - but it does show, clear as day, the Urus having an absolute blast terrorizing those sand dunes. I can’t speak on how fun that looks because I’ve never tried it myself, but I can imagine a lot of future Urus owners in the Middle East taking their new prized SUVs out for a nice sand dune adventure. Lamborghini should still a few treats in store for all of us when the production-spec of the Urus finally breaks in a few weeks’ time, but as far as serving us with a juicy appetizer of what’s to come, this Sabbia driving mode feature is a welcome surprise, something I imagine a lot of people will make full use of when they get their hands on the SUV.


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