A few days ago, we reported that Lamborghini was bringing two vehicles to the Geneva Motor Show: the Aventador Spyder and another mystery model. At first, we believed that the company would be arriving in Geneva with the final say on what the third model in their lineup would be, but it now seems we have to rule that out. The good news is that Lamborghini has chosen their third model, but the bad news is that they have chosen to produce the SUV and won’t be debuting it until the Beijing Auto Show in China from April 23-24, 2012.

This news comes straight from Italian magazine, Quattroruote.it, which offered the first scanned images of the Lamborghini SUV Concept. From these images we can see that the SUV will adopt some design features from the Aventador supercar. It will most likely feature the same V10 engine from the Gallardo, but most likely, the production version will combine a combustion engine with an electric engine for a total of 700 HP.

The production version of the Lamborghini SUV will arrive in 2015 as a competitor for the upcoming Bentley SUV.


Source: SupercarTeam

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  (570) posted on 02.20.2012

It’s nice to know that Lamborghini builds up a concept like this. What’s amazing with this is that they are going to feature it with the same v10 engine from Gallardo. I’m pretty sure that this will be an attention seeker in Beijing due to it’s big and unique style.

  (517) posted on 02.7.2012

Wow! It has the same exterior looks but bigger on size. This must be a tough competitor as time arises especially when it competes to big cars. I believed it will be a successful model.

  (3) posted on 02.3.2012

I live in Bologna and as any Romagnolo love Lamborghini cars, but please keep building works of art instead of just following the overwealthy Russians, Chinese and any other nouveau riche silly wishes. Not to say that the time for SUV is over! In today’s world they’re completeley anachronistic! We need to look forward, to true people-friendly cars, to a world where caring the others is more important than showing off the spiritual emptiness.
Ciao, Nic

  (677) posted on 01.31.2012

Whoa, this car is awesome. This car is very macho in terms of its whole exterior. It’s so powerful at 700hp. 

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