It is known that when Ferrari introduces the future F70, it will be a hybrid supercar, so we would have expected to see a similar move from Lamborghini. That being said, in a recent interview at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann ruled-out the possibility of a plug-in hybrid option for both the Aventador and the Gallardo.

"There is no plug-in hybrid planned for the either the Lamborghini Gallardo or Aventador. Due to the size of the cars and due to the weight of the hybridisation it would be impossible for our cars to adopt this current technology. Firstly, it won’t fit, and secondly, it would reduce the their power-to-weight ratios by too much."

Instead, the Aventador will be offered with two emissions reducing systems – stop-start technology and cylinder deactivation. For the near future, Lamborghini is looking for more solutions to reduce weight and increase power during the lifecycle of each car. Carbon fiber will of course be the main material used to obtain the weight reduction. Also, by 2015, Lamborghini hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by 35%.

The really good news from this interview is that Winkelmann confirmed that the company has "lots of plans for the Aventador."


Source: CarAdvice

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