• Lamborghini Sees Going All-Electric As a Last Resort

Lamborghini is desperate to hold on to the V-10s and V-12s

Nowadays, the big automotive trend is all about EVs, which is a problem for Lamborghini since the main selling point for their supercars is a howling, high-revving V-10 or V-12 and an electric motor simply cannot deliver all that emotion. So, Lamborghini is starting to look for other environmental solutions to adhere to stricter emissions regulations and climbing gas prices, most notably synthetic fuels. Will this spare the brand from full-scale electrification?

All-Electric Lamborghini’s Are Literally A Last Resort

Lamborghini Sees Going All-Electric As a Last Resort
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In order for Lamborghini to run solely off synthetic fuels, new legislation needs to pass.

In an interview with TechCrunch Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said “We still have the opportunity maybe to go into synthetic fuel with those type of cars, but this means that there must be a change in the legislation which I cannot foresee right now...If this is not going to happen, we will be fully electric by the latest beginning the 2030s.” That implies that going fully electric is something of a last resort for Lamborghini.

As of right now, the Italian supercar manufacturer does not have any official plans to give up gasoline altogether. The Aventador’s replacement will still have a V-12 and the Huracan’s replacement will also have more than six cylinders (we expect either a twin-turbo V-8 or a V-10). The supercars and the Urus will just have a hybrid system accompanying their gasoline-burning engines, the latter of which we know will do the majority of the driving.

If simply adding the hybrid system does not drop the emissions enough to be within new legislation, synthetic fuels could be the answer. Lamborghini does seem to be putting off this decision that affects the future of the company until the last minute.

Winklemann said, "It’s a bit difficult, because the European Parliament decided earlier in the year that they will ban gas engines and diesel engines by 2035, and the smaller manufacturers like Lamborghini by 2036, so we don’t need to decide now."

How does Lambo look right now?

Lamborghini Sees Going All-Electric As a Last Resort
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The Aventador’s and Huracan’s replacements will have hybrid power.

Well, the Huracan Sterrato and the Urus are set to make history as Lamborghini’s last only-gasoline-powered cars, although a hybrid Urus is expected to be announced later this year. We also know that Lamborghini’s first anti-ICE model will be a crossover, probably launching in 2028.

With the might of Porsche and Lamborghini backing synthetic fuel development, paired with the growing number of dedicated companies looking to make synthetic fuels, it is looking likely that they will become more widespread.

Lamborghini recently also said they have invested €1.5-billion to furthering their hybrid technology and consequently slicing their CO2 emissions by half.

Source: Tech Crunch

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