Yes Mr. Stephan Winkelmann we know you said there won’t be any SUV in the future. But we do not believe you, and more than that we want one! And more than that internal sources confirmed the existence of a Lamborghini SUV. At least this is what Auto Motor Und Sport pretends. And we believe them more!

For the engine there will be two different choices: first will be the V10 used in the Gallardo and second the 4.5 Liter-V8 from the Cayenne. The German magazine also reports that the SUV will come with a 5,9-Liter-V12-TDI from the upcoming Monster-Q7.

Lamborghini SUV - new renderings
- image 220337

We bet that we will see a Lamborghini SUV in the year 2010. The will make it! At least because people expect it!

Source: AutoMotorUndSport

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.15.2007

lol ok now thats funny say 30’s hahaha anyway i wud laugh if they actually don’t bring one out an yet ppl are gettin so excited about it

badestofthebad  (13) posted on 12.15.2007

It looks more like a Full-Sized sedan than a SUV.

badestofthebad  (43) posted on 12.14.2007

what is the rimsize for this thing going to be?, 30’s

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