Say hello to the Raging Bull of the future

Lamborghini just unveiled its latest concept vehicle. Dubbed the Terzio Millennio, or “third millennium,” don’t expect to see one of these driving around on public roads any time soon. Rather, the Terzo Millennio is Lambo’s look into the distant future, imagining what’s possible in terms of energy delivery, material technology, and of course, insane exterior design. And before you go off in the comments section about the impossibility of some of the ideas proposed here, you should probably know the concept was developed in collaboration with MIT. So then – maybe you could call this thing an “educated guess”?

First and foremost, the concept is electric, bristling with various kinetic energy recovery systems to keep it as efficient as possible. However, rather than the traditional battery set-up, the Terzo Millennio uses a supercapacitor system, which would theoretically provide an ever bigger wallop when pressing the go pedal.

Next up, the Terzo Millennio is made from lightweight composites. No surprise there, but apparently, this ain’t your daddy’s carbon fiber. Instead, Lambo proposes a nanomaterial construction that actually acts as an energy storage system, keeping the electricity flowing while also providing the structure and body of the car. What’s more, Lambo foresees a self-monitoring system that will actually detect cracks in the composite structure and self-heal the damage, like some kind of giant organic skin.

Finally, Lambo wants an AWD drivetrain with independent electric motors, allowing more freedom in the body design, and as a result, better aero. More importantly, though, Lambo says the Terzo Millennio has to sound like a proper supercar, which will be quite the trick indeed.

What do you think of it? Does the idea of an electric, self-healing Lamborghini sit well with you, or is all this just a bunch of crazy talk?

Source: Lamborghini

All images courtesy of Lamborghini.

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