As we reported few days ago Lamborghini will not build an Espada-style 2+2 front-engined coupe, but the company boss Stephan Winkelmann said that Lamborghini is considering a luxury 4x4.

"An SUV would fit the brand. We’ve done one in the past [the LM002], but it’s not one of our priorities", said Winkelmann.

There were rumors that Lamborghini would be adding a large Ferrari 612 Scaglietti-rivalling GT to its portfolio, but Winkelmann indicated that any future Lamborghini sports car needs to be both mid-engined and four-wheel drive.

Source: WhatCar

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  (6023) posted on 10.13.2006

As long as Lamborghini stays exclusive I don’t see why it should not venture into the SUV market given that it already has in the past.

A Lamborghini SUV would have to have a similar performance advantage over its rivals as current Lamborghini sports cars do over their respective rivals. It would also need to be very unique, e.g. gullwing doors or something to that effect. The Porsche Cayenne for comparison is not successful in differentiating its style from other more "popular" models. You can only tell them apart once you step on the gas, and that is true only for the high end Cayenne models.

In short, I say go for it Lamborghini but stay true to the Lambo WOW factor.

  (6023) posted on 10.11.2006

I don’t this is such a good idea, Lamborghini should stay on supercars and let the SUV to the ones that can’t make supercars smiley

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