In 2013, Lamborghini unveiled the Egoista, a concept built to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Described as "a gift from Lamborghini to Lamborghini" which "no one can ever possess," the Egoista features a design inspired by an Apache helicopter, a one-seat interior, and a removable canopy door. Although it said it has no plans to put it in production, Lambo just filed a trademark for the "Egoista" name.

According to Auto Guide, the name was filed under a number of categories, including "vehicles and conveyances," as well as for merchandise such as clothing and toys. There’s no word as to whether the Italians want to turn the concept car into a limited-run production model, but judging by the number of the categories the name was filed under, the Egoista could be used for Lambo’s line of apparel and accessories.

Currently, the Italian brand offers a series of special-edition apparel items and accessories inspired by both the Aventador SV and the Huracan, so new model-specific features aren’t out of the question. There’s also the possibility that Lambo is working on a toned-down, production version of the Egoista, but this scenario isn’t very likely.

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Why it matters

It’s always exciting to know that an automaker has filed a trademark for a name used for a wild concept car such as the Egoista, but in this situation we must keep our feet on the ground about a production model. Due to the extreme nature of the concept car, a road-going Egoista is difficult to build, while toned-down version wouldn’t fit in the company’s current lineup. Sure, the Egoista could become a very limited model similar to the Veneno, but the extensive modifications Lambo would have to do to its current platform could make it extremely expensive. For the time being, the trademark could mean that the Italians want to protect the name or launch a new line of products inspired by this extreme supercar.

Lamborghini Egoista

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Source: Autoguide

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