• Lamborghini Urus measured against classic LM002

The new Lambo SUV goes up against the daddy

Lamborghini’s Urus isn’t the first high-riding SUV vehicle the company has ever made. Despite the awesomeness of the Urus, we can’t forget that Lamborghini manufactured the imposing LM002 between 1986 and 1991. Only 328 LM002s were ever made and, while it wasn’t excessively practical or useful, its front-mounted V-12 engine borrowed from the Countach, plus the military-style squared off design helped win some fans.

Lamborghini Urus vs Lamborghini LM002

By contrast, the new Urus seems like it’s from a different planet. It has all those cool electronic gizmos, more sports car-like styling, and an interior that looks like it’s fifty years newer than the one in the LM002. And, the Urus may only have a V-8, but it’s a brand-new twin-turbo V-8 that motivates the much lighter Urus with ease, bestowing it with far better on-road performance.

Off-road, however, the LM002 is a bit more capable, betraying its initial intended military use.

It’s not fast, but it makes a great noise and, subjectively speaking, it’s more masculine and less friendly looking compared to the much newer Urus - the LM002 is the kind of car that looks like it’s going to drive straight through obstacles, whereas the Urus would have it very easy just going around.

This video by AutoClassics tries both high riding Lambos alongside in order to remind viewers just how far cars have come in the past three or more decades and just what big a philosophical difference we have between the two vehicles.

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