Lancia revives the habit of organising the world premiere of its new products at the Geneva Show. The star of the stand is undoubtedly the new Ypsilon Sport by MomoDesign, a decidedly self-assured but nonetheless fashionable version of this model, born out of collaboration between Lancia and the MomoDesign Styling Centre, two Italian industrial entities famous the world over for innovation in design, the use of cutting-edge materials and attention to detail.

Lancia at Geneva Motor Show
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In Geneva the public will be able to learn all about the concept of the Lancia Cafés, which are being opened all over Europe, where people can meet together and enter the ‘Lancia world’, interfacing with the worldwide network of Lancia Cafés, to understand and appreciate the historical value, modernity and future of the brand in day-to-day life. The same spirit will animate the showrooms to be built in the coming years and the stands at the various international shows, starting with Geneva. In fact, the stand in Geneva is inspired by the concept of the Lancia Café, underlined by the high quality level, where every detail is perfectly in line with the elegant temperament and quality of Lancia cars.

Even the furnishings and materials of the stand reflect the refinement and craftsmanship of the interiors of all Lancia models. The whole effect is set off by architectural elements that create the effect of a deconstructed, filtered, dynamic space: an environment that is not perpendicular and unconventional, in line with the unique nature of Lancia design. The concept of the Lancia Cafés has also given birth to the Lancia Boutique which has its official inauguration here in Geneva. In this refined, attractive environment people will be able to admire the precious collection of accessories and clothing with the brand logo, created in collaboration with leading names in the fashion world.

Lancia at Geneva Motor Show
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The stand is therefore a shop-window onto the brand, with the relaxed, convivial atmosphere of a sophisticated lounge. In this superb display, Lancia confirms the amazing vitality of a brand which for a century has managed to maintain its identity as the maker of cars that combine comfort, elegance and cutting edge technology. And the brand intends to tackle the coming years with the same spirit and goals, constantly proposing superb new products. Suffice it to say that the new Ypsilon, today’s peak model, made its debut in 2006, but so did the new Delta HPE, which will be marketed in 2008. And other novelties are in the pipeline.

The brand has set itself a goal of 300,000 registrations a year by 2010, exploiting the brand’s history, genes and unique styling. With these guidelines, it intends to consolidate its position on the Italian market and to grasp the good prospects on the major European markets, as well as targeting new markets like Russia, Turkey and Scandinavia and, subsequently, the United Kingdom and Japan. These are certainly ambitious goals. But the brand can count on a comprehensive range, which the public can admire at the Geneva Motor Show.

For example, the Musa and new Ypsilon will ‘parade’ on the Lancia stand, expressing the best Lancia tradition combined with highly sophisticated technology. And thanks to the values in the brand’s DNA, it is in a better position than other makes to respond to the needs of customers who are looking not only for technology but also for the value of tradition, which demands ‘substance’ in the product as well as exclusiveness and prestige.

Lancia at Geneva Motor Show
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The display in Switzerland is completed by the Lancia Thesis and Lancia Phedra flagships, the epitome of the marriage of ‘elegance and innovation’. Visitors to Geneva can admire the latest version of the Thesis, with new interiors and original exterior details, and a Phedra 2007 Special Series in the 7-seater version, the best example of the ‘Italian art of living’.

The new 105 bhp version of the 1.3 Multijet engine, developed and manufactured by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, has been transformed into a luminous jewel, encased in a gem box, and resting on an Alcantara cushion to highlight its precious qualities.

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