“Tribute to Lancia Centenary” supported by Japanese fans of Italian style and particularly of Lancia brand. It is the first sample of 4-door sedan with modular bumpers, wings and doors. Its “symmetrical” design is underlined by a totally new chromed line waving all around the body and, on the side, by the typical Lancia “javelin”.

It has been unveiled at Torino Motorcar Museum and later in Tokyo. The purpose is to recalling the purest Lancia’s spirit in terms of styling and functionality: the same of the successful Lancia Y by Fumia.

Source: Fumia Design

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  (6023) posted on 10.23.2006

I suggest that Lancia goes rear wheel drive with a transaxle to compete against Audi model to model. It must perform better and handle better with the same luxury. It must also have an automatic transaxle and 4 wheel drive. They must also sell them in the USA along with FIAT’S if they want to establish world wide growth.

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