A parking garage in Liverpool, England turned into a huge firebox on Sunday night, engulfing a seven-story parking deck near the Liverpool International House Show. Authorities believe that the fire started in a Land Rover, which triggered a chain reaction that ended up roasting 1,400 cars in the process. Not exactly how you want to ring in 2018, right?

Video from the scene showed how huge the fire turned after it started. According to The Guardian, the fire got so big that firefighters couldn’t control the blaze quickly enough to save the cars that were trapped in the parking building. By the time they were able to access enough water to combat the fire, the parking building had already been engulfed in flames. Even with their resources, firefighters still took some time before they were able to successfully control the blaze.

Fortunately, and somewhat miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt from the fire, though there were reports of people abandoning their vehicles and running for their lives once after the fire broke out. Neighboring apartments were also evacuated, with scores of people finding temporary accommodation in a nearby leisure center. As it is, the parking garage has been described as “unstable,” even though it has not yet collapsed. Either way, firefighters remain on the scene.

It’s unclear if the owner of the Land Rover will face criminal charges, but local authorities have so far deemed the incident as an accident. Hopefully, that’s the case because it’s bad enough to lose your car to a fire at the start of the year, it’s worse if you find out that someone did it on purpose.

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