Land Rover LRX to keep concept’s interior

After the recently presentation at the Geneva Auto Show, the new model of the Land Rover brand, the LRX, could benefit of the original interior unveiled in the LRX Concept. Of course, we all know that the designers present their craziest ideas in the concepts because in most of the cases the automakers do not keep them but with the LRX is another story.According to some sources the Land Rover plans to keep as much of the concept’s interior intact as it can due to the good impressions made to the public at Geneva.

The LRX concept marks a bold evolution of Land Rover design, signalling the brand’s potential shift into new areas of the market, while remaining true to its core values. As the company celebrates its 60th anniversary during 2008, the three-door LRX, with its more compact size, lighter weight and sustainability-focused technologies, clearly addresses the needs of a changing world and offers the potential of 120g/km CO2 emissions and fuel economy of 60 mpg on the European combined cycle.

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  (6023) posted on 03.18.2008

60 mpg. Is this for real?

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