In this case, beauty lies well below the skin

Land Rover chose Thanksgiving day to debut the new Range Rover Evoque and here we are looking at a model that, at a glance, received a very mild, even somewhat Audi-like, facelift. Below this mildly changed skin, however, Land Rover claims it has spent nearly £1 Billion to refine the architecture underneath with the goal of making it suitable for electrification.

The interior is also littered with plenty of high-end tech, including two high-definition touchscreen displays, refined infotainment software, and artificial intelligence. Powertrain options include a range of diesel and gasoline engines. The entry-level model (the D150 trim) is the only model available with a six-speed manual and is the only model available without Land Rover’s mild hybrid technology. Towing capacity ranges anywhere between 3,527 and 4,409 pounds depending on trim and equipment level.

Official unveiling

The New Range Rover Evoque Changed Very Little Outside

The time for the Range Rover Evoque to debut was nearly upon me, yet here I am in the kitchen trying to snake a little piece of the turkey that mom just pulled out of the oven.

Beep, beep, beep.

That was my watch going off, and Land Rover goes live in two minutes flat. I rush to my computer to find out that I just missed all of the boring celebrity crap that seems to be commonplace these days and Land Rover was already tooting its own horn a bit by bragging about its range. Finally, here comes the Range Rover Evoque.

“What the hell is this? This isn’t new!” I said loudly as I did that classic Picard palm to face move. Of course, mom wasn’t happy about my language (okay, maybe I said a little something more than “hell,” but we’ll leave that for another time.) The point is, I swore I was looking at the same old thing. And, I kind of was.

The new Evoque hasn’t changed much on the outside at all. The same silhouette remains, and the fascia has simply been stretched to the sides a bit to position those fake intakes a little further to the outside.

You see the same grille, almost the same headlight design, and the hood isn’t far off from last year’s model either. But, it is a little bit bigger. Not by much, mind you, but a slightly longer wheelbase provides a little more room inside (20 mm of knee rook and a few extra liters of luggage space), and Land Rover was nice enough to give us new, 21-inch wheels – on the higher trim levels, anyway.

Land Rover Spent Almost £1 Billion To Give the Evoque a Mild Facelift and New Technology
- image 806006

Base models come with the traditional LED headlights, but the higher trim levels come complete with premium LED headlights. The range-topper has the new “jewel-like” Matrix LED headlights that are pretty nice if you ask me. Other standard exterior features include a lot of what you’re already used to:

  • Auto headlights
  • Rear foglights
  • Flush, deployable door handles
  • Heated glass, mirrors, and washer jets
    As you move up the line, you get better equipment like high-beam assist and directional indicators, but again this is nothing new. What really matters is what lies under the skin and what you’ll find inside – that’s where the real changes are.

Range Rover Evoque Exterior Dimensions

Overall length (mm) 4,371
Overall height (mm) 1,649
Overall width (mirrors out) (mm) 2,100
Wheelbase (mm) 2,681
Front overhang (mm) 880
Rear overhang (mm) 810
Front track (mm) 1,625.9
Rear track (mm) 1,631.7

The New Range Rover Evoque Has a Mild Hybrid System

Let’s cut to the chase – maximum power output for the Evoque hasn’t really changed. The base diesel model still pumps out 150 ps even when equipped with AWD and the mild hybrid tech. The same diesel engine can be had with 180 PS or 240 PS, all of which is likely derived from the mild hybrid system and some minor software tuning. Gasoline-powered models follow the same routine with the entry-level P200 trim pumping out just 200 PS while the P250 has 249 PS and the P300 has – you guessed it – 300 PS. If you opt for the bargain basement model, the D150 2WD, you’ll get to row your own with a nice six-speed manual but everything else is AWD out of the box, and you’ll have to deal with a nine-gear auto.

What really matters here is that mild hybrid system. This is, obviously, where all of Land Rover’s money went.

This thing works like all other systems with the same name and has a starter-generator that pumps energy into the battery hidden in the floorboard. This happens only at speeds below 11 mph (17 kph) and while the brakes are being pressed as you’re coming to a stop. When it happens, the engine shuts off. When it’s time to go again, the engine fires up, but the energy stored in the battery is then used to help turn the engine and, ultimately improves fuel economy. There’s no word as to how much yet, but this technology has shown to be pretty efficient in the past for other automakers and Land Rover has quoted 50.4 mpg. If this isn’t good enough for you, though, sometime in the next year, Land Rover will introduce a plug-in hybrid model that has a three-cylinder engine and some sort of all-electric range – probably around 40 miles or so.

Land Rover Spent Almost £1 Billion To Give the Evoque a Mild Facelift and New Technology
- image 806019
All told, the Range Rover Evoque can sprint to 60 mph in anywhere between 6.3 and 10.4 seconds, and it’s best top speed is 150 mph.

But, that’s not why you’re here, and performance isn’t why the Evoque exists. This thing is designed to be the perfect city car.. uhem… SUV. You know – all that urban mobility crap. Oh, by the way, all the power output figures you see here, those are for European models. Land Rover didn’t feel it was appropriate to offer up U.S. specs yet. But, the Evoque will come to the Chicago Auto Show in 2019, so we’ll learn more about the U.S.-spec model in a few months.

Range Rover Evoque Performance Specs - UK

2.0l D150 2WD Manual 2.0l D150 AWD Automatic MHEV 2.0l D180 AWD Automatic MHEV 2.0l D240 AWD Automatic MHEV 2.0l P200 AWD Automatic MHEV 2.0l P250 AWD Automatic MHEV 2.0l P300 AWD Automatic MHEV
Engine type Inline-4 common rail diesel, 16 valves; DOHC; variable intake cam timing, variable geometry turbo Inline-4 common rail diesel,
16 valves; DOHC; variable intake cam timing, variable geometry turbo
Inline-4 common rail diesel, 16 valves; DOHC; variable intake cam timing, variable geometry turbo Inline-4 common rail diesel, 16 valves; DOHC; variable intake cam timing, variable geometry turbo Inline-4 gasoline, 16 valve; DOHC, variable intake and exhaust cam timing; variable intake valve lift, twin-scroll turbo Inline-4 gasoline, 16 valve; DOHC, variable intake and exhaust cam timing; variable intake valve lift, twin-scroll turbo Inline-4 gasoline, 16 valve; DOHC, variable intake and exhaust cam timing; variable intake valve lift, twin-scroll turbo
Electric Motor - Synchronus reluctance motor Synchronus reluctance motor Synchronus reluctance motor Synchronus reluctance motor Synchronous claw pole rotor Synchronous claw pole rotor
Max Power 150PS (110kW) @ 2400rpm 150PS (110kW) @ 2400rpm 180PS (132kW) @ 2400rpm 240PS (177kW) @ 2400rpm 200PS (147kW) @ 5500rpm 249PS (183 kW) @ 5500rpm 300PS (221kW) @ 5500rpm
Max Torque 380Nm (280lb ft) @ 1750-2500rpm 380Nm (280lb ft) @ 1750-2500rpm 430Nm (317lb ft) @ 1750-2500 rpm 500Nm (369lb ft) @ 1500-2500 rpm 340 Nm (251lb ft) @ 1300-4500rpm 365Nm (269lb ft) @ 1300-4500rpm 400Nm (295lb ft) @ 1500-4500 rpm
Transmission Six-speed (manual) Nine-speed (automatic) Nine-speed (automatic) Nine-speed (automatic) Nine-speed (automatic) Nine-speed (automatic) Nine-speed (automatic)
0-60mph (0-96km/h) (secs) 9.9 10.4 8.8 7.2 8 7 6.3
Top speed (km/h / mph) 201 / 125 196 / 122 205 / 128 225 / 140 216 / 134 230 / 143 242 / 150

Range Rover Evoque Off-Road Capability

If you’re really into going off-road, the Evoque does have some decent credentials. Land Rover even went so far as to drive it through a pool of cold water during the short debut presentation. We’ll go more into this information in the coming weeks as we compare it to its main rivals, but here’s the basic info you’re looking for:

Approach Angle: 25.0 deg (20.8 with R-Dynamic package)
Departure Angle: 30.6 deg
Ramp Breakover Angle: 20.7 deg
Wading Depth: 600 mm
Ground Clearance: 212 mm
Max Ascent\Descent: 45 deg
Max Side Slope\Traverse: 35 deg

The New Range Rover Evoque Has Tons of Tech Inside

I have to admit; I was pretty disappointed with Land Rover at first. After seeing that oh-so-familiar exterior design, I said, “there better be something fresh inside.” And, well, there is. Kind of.

The interior is clearly an evolution of the previous-gen model.

The dash sits a little more upright, and the center console is a little more refined. The HVAC vents are even shorter, wider, and more recessed, but nobody that has been in an Evoque before would ever mistake this thing for anything but. The good news is that Land Rover went all out with the tech here.

First off, this baby has two high-definition infotainment screens. It’s very Honda-like in that regard as Land Rover has positioned the screens on top of each other as opposed to side-by-side as we see with the Mercedes MBUX infotainment system. It’s refreshing, sure, but it’s been done before. The good news is that those screens are put to good use. They aren’t the only screens, either. One of the coolest features here is that you can press a button and have a clear view of what’s behind you on the mirror – it’s a high-definition screen too and a perfect solution for when your oversized cousin, Daryl, insists on riding in the center of the back seat. Jesus, you just can’t see anything when he does that.

Land Rover Spent Almost £1 Billion To Give the Evoque a Mild Facelift and New Technology
- image 805989

Anyway, back to those two 10-inch screens in the dash. The top one serves as home for Land Rovers new “Ground View” system. Basically, this system shows you what’s happening under the nose of the vehicle. It’s like looking through the windshield and not having the hood or anything below it there. It’s a perfect solution for parking close to tall curbs – those who have driven in Europe and deal with tight parking spots will appreciate the hell out of this.

The base model comes with the usual equipment – things like an analog instrument cluster, 180-Watt sound system, and DAB radio.

Moving up the line, however, will get you navigation, wi-fi hotspot, and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Oh, those duo infotainment displays won’t be found on the base models, either. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’ll need at least the SE trim for that. On the plus side, that does come with the interactive driver display, so you get something else with it. The higher trim levels come with a 380-Watt sound system for better tunes.

Range Rover Evoque Interior Dimensions

Headroom (mm) Row 1: 989; Row 2: 973
Shoulderroom (mm) Row 1: 1,438; Row 2: 1,407
Legroom (mm) Row 1: 1016; Row 2: 859
Luggage capacity (litres) Behind Row 1: 1,383; Behind Row 2: 591
Loadspace length (mm) Behind Row 1: 1,576; Behind Row 2: 798
Loadspace height (mm) 700
Loadspace width (mm) 1,301


Land Rover Spent Almost £1 Billion To Give the Evoque a Mild Facelift and New Technology
- image 805995

In the end, I have to say that I’m not very impressed with Land Rover’s presentation. It was short, rather boring, and they didn’t say much of anything outside of how much went into designing it. In hindsight, I guess they kind of had to mention that part. We didn’t get a look at the interior during the presentation, and without information about what was going on under the skin, it was pretty easy to assume that Land Rover did very little. On the other hand, now that we know the finer details, Land Rover went all in on the mild hybrid tech and the refreshed cabin is exactly that – refreshing. However, Land Rover has taken up enough of my Thanksgiving dinner time so if you want to know more about the new Evoque, keep your eyes peeled for our in-depth review that will be coming very soon.

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