A small-scale wireframe Evoque would make for a cool gift!

The new Range Rover Evoque will be unveiled next week in London but, until then, here’s a tangible sneak peek to quench our thirst for more on Land Rover’s new compact luxury SUV: a number of wireframe models that showcase the model’s evocative lines.

The Range Rover Evoque was launched back in 2011 as a sleek and posh alternative to the bulky Range Rover that was meant for city usage first and foremost, not the off-road venue where the brand made a name for itself. The Gerry McGovern-designed SUV was previewed by the LRX concept unveiled in 2008. Now, a decade later, we’re nearing the release of the new Evoque that Land Rover has teased with the #HelloEvoque campaign that involved a few wireframe models photographed around London.

These Models Give us a Pretty Clear Image of What the New Evoque Will Look Like

Land Rover Uses Wire Art to Tease the Next-Gen Range Rover Evoque
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The launch of the new-generation Range Rover Evoque is just around the corner.

To mark the upcoming event, Land Rover sprinkled a number of wire art representations of the new compact luxury SUV around Chelsea and Kensington.

According to a Land Rover press release, "the brightly-colored installations were produced by the same Land Rover Design team responsible for shaping the new Evoque and embody the reductive design philosophy that has informed its elegant proportions." In the release, it’s pointed out that "blending simple lines with modernity, the 1:1 scale wire forms showcase the distinctive, fast roofline and rising waistline that define new Evoque’s coupe-like silhouette."

Land Rover Uses Wire Art to Tease the Next-Gen Range Rover Evoque
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What we can tell is that the new Evoque will strongly resemble the old line.

We see the same narrow-window architecture that defined the original and, also, the same single-piece front and rear center panels that incorporate the headlights and grille at one end with the taillights at the other. Indeed, the front fascia seems to be more muscular with bigger outboard inlets positioned on either side of the nose. These inlets are defined by three horizontal character lines and ultimately blend in with the line of the lower grille.

The original Evoque was available with both four and two doors, and a cabriolet two-door version followed suit in 2017. We expect at least the first two body styles to make a return. The launch of the luxury SUV, which Land Rover claims "pioneered the luxury compact SUV sector" is scheduled for November 22nd at 19:45 GMT which is 14:45 EST or 11:45 AM PST.

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