"Land Rover!" What is the first model coming to your head? We bet is not the Freelander, and not even the Range Rover. But for sure is the old, traditional Defender! After all this is a model older than many of us, most likely having the same age of your grandpa, and it is unlikely that at some point in your childhood you didn’t take a short trip in your grandpa’s Ninety (this was Defender’s first name).

Tata Motors decided that a car with 62 years of history needs to go on, and will come with a new generation Defender in 2014. However, the "Defender" name will be dropped, but many of the original car’s looks and values could be used in the final production model. And while the original model has been built on the T5 steel platform chassis, this is much to heavier and it will also be dropped. Instead Land Rover will use the same Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) technology used in the Freelander. According to Land Rover managing director Phil Popham, the new Defender will be adopt a more SUV look and will deliver more off-road power: "We’ll be really tuning up the versatility side and practicality side. That for me is the core of the Defender’s identity."


Source: Autocar

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