Steve Fossett announced that his major project for 2007 is to to raise the Absolute Land Speed Record to 800 mph - and beyond - driving a jet-powered racer across the Nevada desert in 2007. "This is surely the most dramatic of all world records, the oldest and most famous record in world motorsport, with a fabulous history of great record holders. I am very, very excited by the opportunity to meet this challenge - to drive through the speed of sound and reach 800 mph. This is a great goal - and we have the car to achieve it." - Fossett explained.

The the current record of 763 mph was set in 1997 by Britain’s Andy Green driving the twin-turbojet powered Thrust SSC.

Steve Fossett will drive a dart-like vehicle that is 47 feet long and weighs 9,000 lbs – looking much like a single-seat jet fighter without its wings. Power is from a single, after-burning J-79 turbojet developing 22,650 lbs of thrust (45,200 hp) formerly fitted to a USAF F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber.

"The Land Speed record is as old as the automobile itself. Why do I want to break it? Think of the great names of the past - Campbell, Breedlove, Arfons, Noble... Think of magic milestones like 300 mph, 400 mph, 500 mph, 600 mph and the first supersonic record set 9 years ago. Every car crazy kid - and adult - knows this history. "

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