• Laurence Gartel shows the psychedelic side of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Over the years, we have seen a number of art cars introduced, and while some were aesthetically better than others, all these artist-rendered vehicles all have one thing in common: they are always magnets for attention.

One artist that seems to be having a growing fascination with turning supercars into his own personal canvas is Laurence Gartel. As one of the pioneers of digital media, having plied his craft since the 70’s, Gartel has probably seen and did just about everything you can with digital media, including teach Andy Warhol the nuances of the art.

What he hasn’t done is take a Ferrari F430 Scuderia and turned it into a 510-horsepower psychedelic vinyl supercar. And he did all of the designing on a computer. Who said this guy can’t keep up with today’s technology.

According to the artist’s representatives, this particular F430 Scuderia’s value has jumped all the way to a cool $1 million because of Gartel’s work.

Cool digs, but for a million dollars? Yikes.

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Prior to the personal computer Laurence GARTEL broke all established methodologies when he explored electronic imaging known today as (Digital Media) in the early 70s while working on analog system computers. GARTEL set out to create new visual language through the adoption of technology in the art making process. GARTEL taught Andy Warhol how to use the Amiga Computer when he received the commission to produce the album cover for Debbie Harry (Blondie) in the 80s.

GARTEL’s new psychedelic Scuderia (valued at close to a million dollars) becomes the latest of unique projects GARTEL’s interest in SUPER CARS started several years ago and his exhibition "AUTO MOTION" based on the inspiration of the FERRARI automobile was first showcased at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College in Ft. Myers, Florida. But the question asked is: "WHY paint a FERRARI? The answer is: "WHY NOT?" - Digitally of course.

Ever since the first cave paintings were discovered in France (40,000 BC) man has had an intellectual surge of artistic expression. Stained glass as a medium created in the Middle Ages gave birth to a new formula of artistic process. The idea of "unique surface" is something artists have sought after over time.

Some purists would say, "A Ferrari needs to be left well enough alone." That may be true, but when a collector has more than 10 of them, you can begin to see the options," states GARTEL. "Artistic and cultural minds change our thought process," declares GARTEL. Imagine if there was no Frank Gehry? Architecture would be dull in our contemporary environment. "So I tip my hat to Enzo Ferrari for having real vision in the automotive world. – It is about to evolve into a prophetic significance."

"A master artist is one that does not accept society’s rules." "We have seen break out artists such as Dali in surrealism and Warhol in pop culture. GARTEL brought us the Digital Art Movement almost single-handedly," states the CEO of ArtFellas LLC , the initiator and main sponsor of the "Ferrari 430 Scuderia into a Canvas" project. "The internet, comes first," it is the Media and the Medium. You will be able to watch this event online on http://artfellas.tv in live streaming which is the new dedicated section of Artfellas.com - The Art Social Network. If Marshall McLuhan’s statement "The medium is the message" were ever true, GARTEL’s art speaks volumes. "That is why his art is going live on our page. We will witness GARTEL’s creation of the Scuderia literally unfolding on our pages. In the meantime, people should look out for GARTEL’s ART SCUDERIA surprising onlookers on the streets of Miami. - Tune in Below! - )

For more information:
Shelley Chaperone
Communications Director

Source: ArtFellas

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  (25) posted on 04.1.2011

What the heck? This one is very disturbing and no one wants to bring this on roads. Just imagine how distracting this could be on fellow drivers. How could the price went up to a million??

  (313) posted on 03.25.2011

haha. what the heck! I don’t get the whole concept of this paint job. Based from what I have remembered BMW has started this whole thing then the other manufacturer followed. They just makes the car uglier. Why don’t they waste their effort and time to make their production even better.

  (341) posted on 03.15.2011

A piece of a crap i would say! I think my sister drawing is much better than this. I can’t see where is the good side of this "art" and take note he actually drawn this on computer?haha. No wonder why it was a lot put in the Funny section!

  (937) posted on 03.15.2011

Would agree with you on that one. These supercars would definitely show of their beauty when speeding down the tracks. Hopefully other artists would get an idea from that.

  (386) posted on 03.14.2011

I am not really a fan of these art cars. They are often rather pointless and don’t really showcase the cars that much. As we all know, these cars show their potential when they speeding down the track.

  (345) posted on 03.14.2011

I think Ferrari’s art is much better compare to those on BMW! This is sweet looking car than the regular F430 Scuderia.

  (366) posted on 03.13.2011

Nice, that’s definitely one great way to paint a Scuderia. But then again, you probably won’t be taking this one to the road, since you don’t want the paint job to be ruined.

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