Amazon Prime is giving us a chance to learn more about what happens behind-the-scenes at Le Mans

It’s regarded as the most dangerous race in the world and is likewise considered as one of the three races that make up the Holy Trinity of auto racing. It’s the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and if anybody has ever wondered what it would look and feel like to go on a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes action at Le Mans, Amazon Prime is providing that opportunity with the six-episode documentary Le Mans: Racing is Everything.

Beyond capturing the essence that makes the 24 Hours of Le Mans one of the most famous races in the world, the series also follows six racing teams that compete in the race and the intense preparations each of these teams have to go through in order to win the race, or at least be competitive in it. Mind you, a lot of these race teams – Aston Martin, Audi, Nissan, Porsche, and Toyota – are at the top echelon of endurance racing. Each one of them is featured in the series to go with Rebellion Racing, a small racing team from Switzerland that last competed at Le Mans four years ago. The series starts on June 9, 2017 on Amazon Prime.

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"Le Mans: Racing Is Everything" Web Series Is The Show We've All Been Waiting For
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Watching this series will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to feeling that kind of atmosphere.

I’ve never been to Le Mans so I’ve never experienced the full spectacle of the whole weekend and all the drama, tension, and excitement that goes on with actually being there. That’s me saying that watching this series will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to feeling that kind of atmosphere so you can be sure that I’m going to be glued into each and every one of these episodes.

The series starts on June 9, 2017 on Amazon Prime

Even just watching the trailer of the series is already giving me some goosebumps, especially after Mark Weber described it as “packing the whole F1 season in one race.” If that’s the kind of excitement that Le Mans provides – and I have no doubt that it does – then I might have to reconsider that whole “never-going-to” tone.

That’s a decision for another time though. What’s important is that this web series is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed, especially with all the access Amazon Prime was given to document the whole thing. I don’t want to say that it’s going to be the definitive documentary about the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but if it does end up living up to the enormously high expectations I have for it, then it might as well be.

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