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Without further ado, here is the all-new 2019 BMW 3-Series G20, without any camouflage or obscured in any way. These configurator photos show the car from all angles, in various trims and give a detailed view of its completely redesigned interior complete with digital gauge cluster and new infotainment.

2019 BMW 3 Series Overview

Leaked Configurator Images of the 2019 3 Series Show Off the Finer Design Points Exterior
- image 797669

First off, the G20 3-Series looks slightly different compared to its predecessor, the F30 - its hood and frontal area just seem more elongated, with the greenhouse set further back. This could be an illusion and can only be confirmed by putting the old and new 3-Series side by side - but it certainly looks like it from these leaked photos.

Let’s not forget that this new 3-Series has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, so the apparent extra front length may be a byproduct of the wheels sitting closer to the corners of the car.

Headlights are also another talking point - they’re quite slim and wide, and on their lower edge they have a small bump which is continued by a crease running down the front bumper - it’s really a good look - arguably better than that of the outgoing model. Design-wise, they are actually quite close to those on the Peugeot 308 hatchback, although BMW probably won’t be happy about the comparison - but once you’ve seen the similarity, there’s no turning back.

Leaked Configurator Images of the 2019 3 Series Show Off the Finer Design Points Exterior
- image 797681

The kidney grille is also worth mentioning here - it’s about the same shape as the one used on the larger 5-Series, but it appears it will have quite different designs for its two intakes, undoubtedly based on the selected trim - some cars have conventional vertical slats, while others seem to have a fancier looking design.

From the side, the car’s extra wheelbase is again evident, and it not only looks longer, but also lower and sleeker than before.

The “hockey stick” design detail running across the doors (borrowed from the 7-Series) is also quite visible, thanks to a pronounced crease that compliments the more aggressive side skirt design too.

The rear deck lid is also shorter with a more pronounced ducktail spoiler built in. Regarding the rear light clusters, they don’t look similar to any current BMW sedan - the closest ones are actually the ones used on the new X4.

Leaked Configurator Images of the 2019 3 Series Show Off the Finer Design Points Interior
- image 797670

Moving to the car’s interior, it looks very different from the outgoing model that was launched in 2011 and is now really showing its age inside.

The overall design is very clean, uncluttered and fuss-free, packing plenty of changes.

First on the list is the fully-digital gauge cluster which is displayed on 12.3-inch screen complemented by a 10.25-inch central display which is also a touchscreen. There’s also a new-style control for the iDrive infotainment and the climate control also gets a new (monochrome) display located in between the two central vents, right below the infotainment.

Leaked Configurator Images of the 2019 3 Series Show Off the Finer Design Points Exterior
- image 797672

Also judging on this batch of leaked photos, all of which are taken from an online configurator, it looks like there will be wider customization options than ever before, with even more differentiation between differently specced cars. But we can’t know for sure until the car officially debuts, which it will at the Paris motor show that kicks off tomorrow.

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