Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor’s Existence
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Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor’s Existence

Details about the 2022 Bronco Raptor have leaked via the Dealer Ordering System

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Details about a new Ford Bronco Raptor have surfaced online. According to the Bronco6G forum, one of their members has submitted photographs of the Raptor’s page in Ford’s database: A new body code E5J was identified for the 2022 Bronco, which previously did not exist for the 2021 model. The page has since been taken down and is no longer live.

These details were most likely added by a Ford store employee. Importantly, there is a stated equipment bundle simply titled “Raptor.” As a result, this information appears to be evidence of this highly anticipated model’s existence and its impending arrival can now be seen on the automaker’s dealership network ordering software.


Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor's Existence
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For the better part of a decade now, you’ve seen the Raptor colors in all of the F-150’s marketing materials. Wouldn’t it look great on the Ford Bronco? A user of the Bronco 6G forum was searching through Ford’s ordering system when he discovered proof that a Bronco Raptor would indeed be available, come 2022.

Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor's Existence
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Time will tell. But for now, expect the New Bronco to be out by early 2022. Swipe Up to Read More.

Wouldn’t Ford be leaving a lot of money on the table if it doesn’t put out a Raptorized Bronco? Well, it was only a matter of time before the Blue Oval gave us one.

According to the person who posted this information, the Bronco Raptor will only be available as a four-door. This is consistent with the spy shots of the vehicle, which are yet to be spotted in the two-door form.

What do we know about the upcoming Bronco Raptor?

Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor's Existence
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Details about the Raptor model first came to light when they were first spotted on the automakers ordering system by the forum user

According to the leaked ordering system record, the forthcoming Bronco Raptor would be available in two trim levels: 373 A (Basic) and 374 A (Higher-equipped) Lux Package. The user later updated their initial post to say that the upgraded trim will also include adaptive cruise control, a heated steering wheel and a wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, no information on the powertrain was provided with this listing. However, according to a May report from Ford Authority, the Bronco Raptor will most likely be powered by the same 3.0 liter Ecoboost V-6 engine that produces 400-horsepower in the Ford Explorer ST.

Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor's Existence
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As with the F-150 Raptor, expect a heavily modified undercarriage and FOX shocks with a suspension lift kit, resulting in increase clearance, kitted out with heady duty off-road tires

The upcoming Bronco Raptor will include changes to the suspension, as found on the F-150 Raptor. Spy shots of the Bronco Raptor also reveal the upcoming SUV with massive fender flares and shorter bumpers when compared to the standard Bronco which allows for increased approach and departure angles. Skid plates are used to safeguard critical mechanical components. Expect other upgrades like Fox shocks, BFGoodrich KO2 tires, and, of course, a higher ride height, courtesy of the suspension lift.

When will it be out?

Leaked Data Confirms the Ford Bronco Raptor's Existence
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For those of you hoping for the Detroit giant to confirm a more potent Ford Bronco Raptor, well it looks like your wait is finally over. Should this new Bronco Raptor arrive for the 2022 model year, expect sales to begin within the first half of next year, if not sooner. Do note that, because Ford has such a large backlog of orders for the regular Bronco, adding more demand may pose even more delays.

Bronco6G’s YouTube channel put out this video of what looks like a camouflaged Bronco out on the road

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