Leaky pipes in the automotive industry are at it again, as a poster named “dutchboy” over at Temple of Vtec decided to leak some images of the only part of the redesigned Accord we have yet to see, the interior. Sure, the images look as if they were taken with a 1940s-era camera, or maybe just a 0.3 MP camera phone, scanned through a 400 DPI scanner, printed by a dot-matrix printer, scanned again by a 400 DPI printer, then finally uploaded after being compressed enough to make it through the user’s 28.8 Kb/second internet connection in less than a day and a half, but they’re still telling images.

From these images, we can see that the driver’s side of the Accord looks good. The clock-face gauges boast a large, center-mounted speedometer flanked by the tachometer on one side and the fuel and temperature gauges on the other. The steering wheel boasts a clean setup of buttons that don’t look too overwhelming. You also get the “Start/Stop” button, an “Econ” button, and what looks to be a TPMS reset button (tire mounters of the world will rejoice over this one).

The center stack, on the other hand, looks like a blind man with a touch screen and button obsession. It’s way overloaded with two screens – one for navigation and one for HondaLink – a series of climate-control buttons and a group of audio-control buttons.

Seriously, with two touch screens, why in the world would the Accord need that many audio and HVAC controls? Shouldn’t those all use the touch screen interface? Also, the middle two sections of the center stack are nicely styled, but they come down to meet a plain-Jane center console shape. It is definitely an awkward transition.

Hopefully, the graininess of this picture is hiding some transitioning piece between the center stack and center console, or Honda is still revising it. As it stands right now, that center part of the cabin is a real eyesore.

We’ll keep a look out for better images to surface on the interior and pass them on as we find them.


Source: Temple of Vtec

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