The New Supra A90 Has An Ass You’ll Know To Appreciate

Christmas and New Years Eve are really close. However, car guys and car galls will have to wait a bit more for their own Christmas and New Year parties. Toyota revealing the new Supra A90 is the biggest holiday one could have hoped for, and it will commence on the 14th of January at the dawn of the Detroit Auto Show. We have seen the first leaked photo of the new Supra in a transportation container. Now, we have a glimpse at its back. For the first time ever. Just look at it. I think this will be a gorgeous car.

The FT-1 Concept Inspired Rear Is Convincing

Leaked Image Proves the 2020 Toyota Supra Has a Rear End Inspired by the FT-1 Concept
- image 811273

Right off the bat, it is more than obvious that the new Supra has a rear-end heavily inspired by the FT-1 Concept from four years ago. It is, actually, the same story as what is happening at the front. With that said, I am now convinced that Toyota designers actually did all they could to bring the stylistically perfect Toyota FT-1 Concept to fruition.

While we only can see the rear right quarter of the car uncovered, it is more than obvious that it retained taillights that look a lot like those on the FT-1 Concept. The massive decklid spoiler is there too (looking dashing, might I add). Interestingly enough, the low, centrally positioned light on the bumper was also retained. This is rather incredible. Not many cars today (including supercars) have the courage to include this race car feature (an F1 feature actually).

BREAKING - This Is The New, A90-Gen 2020 Toyota Supra Before You're Supposed to See It
- image 809581

The shape of the lower diffusers also has its roots on the FT-1 Concept too. The only difference is that its shape has been softened out for the use on the production Toyota Supra A90. Nevertheless, kudos to brazen Toyota designers. It is not easy to pull all of this off.

One thing that the rear end of the Toyota Supra A90 clearly lacks compared with the rear end of the FT-1 Concept are the vents under the taillights. That was a bit too much to add on the production car. Nevertheless, although I haven’t seen the car yet, I am more than certain that the Toyota Supra is basically uncomparable to the BMW Z4 in terms of design. The two cars are completely different.

I Would Like It In Black

2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 564683

| 2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept shown here. |

Thankfully, the rear end has been revealed by SupraMKV forum and people there are quite convinced that someone will get fired over this. Honestly, I think that all of these leaks are just what the manufacturers need and the Toyota PR army likes. With it, we are basically introduced to a new car, that, honestly, has the potential to look like the best Supra ever. My only concern!? Will it be large enough? It is smaller than the last one. Hopefully, it will be equally imposing thanks to all of this astounding design trickery. As one member of the SupraMKV forum noted, the Supra nameplate has been positioned right at the center suggesting that Toyota simply did not have enough space to put it anywhere else. I don’t mind this detail. I would mind, however, if I found that the old one looks more striking than this one. If we are to judge by the FT-1 Concept, it won’t.

Obviously, the car in yellow should look far more impressive than the one in gray, but I really can’t wait to see one in black. I have had limited experience with the Supra in my life, but I do remember seeing one in black, and that one is permanently printed into my mind. I need this one to be that too.

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Source: SupraMKV Forum

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